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  1. AjM

    Whooshing Sound from Rear N/S?

    I have no found that this is the heated seats that also use fans!!! BAHHHHGGG!!!!!!
  2. AjM

    Noisy heated seats

    I have just come across this after posting my own 'what the hell is this annoying noise from the back of my car' thread. Oddly I am annoyed as I was hoping it was a fault that could be fixed... It is just the right kind of noise to make want to tear my ears off and beat myself to death with them! I can hear it over the radio easily as it is a very odd pitch. I could understand the noise when I had the cooled bit on but not the heat. Oh well, just won't use the heated seats!
  3. Yes and it has all been fine. Boot is still playing up but that is another issue!
  4. AjM

    Tailgate malfunction

    Fixed it with a battery off reset...
  5. AjM

    Adaptive headlights

    They cannot be retro fitted for any sensible price (of course anything can be done if you go far enough, you 'could' retrofit a 6ltr W12 engine if you spent enough). As above there are aftermarket LED bulbs that help a lot. But I have to say the Adaptive LED lights are the best lights I've ever had, and I am glad I waited 4 months for 1 to have them!
  6. All fixed. Took the AA man 2 hours. So in the engine bay, under the main fuse box there is a plastic flap. Lift that up and there are 6 main fuses. A 50amp ignition fuse had blown. But they are riveted in, so we had to drill it out and bolt a new fuse in. All in everything working except the dash cam which I will have to start from scratch again tomorrow. Not sure if I want to touch the fuse box again....!!!.
  7. Maybe, it says in the book that fuse 36 15a (which is right) heated seat and rear view mirror. However when I pulled it out, pre collision assist and front camera error came on dash. I have checked all the fuses in that passenger fuse box and they are all fine. Everything still dead. I looked at that but that one has no power at all, Mine has interior lights and pumps etc all powered.
  8. Same one you used, pre collision assist, front camera etc. Not what the book says it is... I found that not one fuse corresponded to the book, ones that were spare were in use and vice versa etc
  9. I am not sure which fuse would control everything? I have ford assist coming any second, no time for removal....
  10. I have taken the piggyback out replaced the orig fuse and no different
  11. Help please. I have just completed the install of my dash cam and used fuse 36 for the piggyback ignition live. Initially all looked good and worked. Turned the engine off and left it for a few mins. I did not lock the car. Came back and the car is now seemingly dead, although the boot opens and shuts using the button on the dash and the interior lights work everything else is dead. The dash, radio everything. The key does not do anything. The only thing that works is the green light on the start button. If I push it you can here the injectors and the fuel pump fire up but nothing else happens. I have tried disconnecting the battery and no change Please help!!!
  12. AjM

    Heated seat

    On my wife's EcoSport if you leave them on, when you next put the engine on they come back on, same with steering wheel, screens etc too. That said my Edge has never done it. Maybe it is a thing you can turn on somewhere?
  13. AjM

    Tailgate malfunction

    I have an issue with my boot too. Neither the button on the outside to open nor the button on the bottom of the boot work. I can only open and close the boot from the button on the dash. If I push the outside button the catch releases but the boot does not open. When open if I push the button on the bottom to close I get a load of claxons from the car and nothing happens. What I find odd is it works fine from the button in the car. Also opens using the fob. I have deactivated the stupid switch thing as it constantly closed on my head. Any ideas? Thanks
  14. AjM

    What would you do ?

    I have had that engine in the mustang and it is a beaut!! I was getting 30mpg everywhere with it, which is frankly better than I get with the Edge! I will be gutted if we don't get the ST as Diesel will not be viable in the not too distant future.
  15. AjM

    What would you do ?

    The neat Seat looks very nice and is a VW Toureg / Skoda Kodiaq / Audi Q7 size. The only thing I didn't like about the Kodiaq Sportline I nearly bought was the front and they have fixed that with the Seat version. Also the top models get the LED lights as standard on the Seat. On a slightly different note, are we getting the Edge ST here with the 2.7 Ecoboost out of the Mustang? If so that will be my next car in a year or so!