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  1. This is most likely what I'll go with. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  2. Okay mate, I'll give it a think between full and motorcraft. Cheers for the help have a good one Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  3. Cheers for the info, so it literally is just filters oil and brake fluid? If that's the case I'm just paying 200 Ish for the ford paperwork. And motorcraft parts realistically surely won't be noticeably worse? Thanks
  4. I have a 2015 1.5 ecoboost Focus, and I've not gotten round to servicing my car this past year so I'd thought I'd book it in with a main dealer. Upon a reply email from the dealership they've said it will require a 4 year service, at a price of £288.31. I've never serviced with a main dealer before, but I'd like to have good history when it comes to sell it so thought it would be a good idea. I assumed this would include new pads at this price point, so I requested the contact arranging my booking to send me a list of the work done on a 4 year service, here she is quoted: 'The Scheduled Service includes and Oil and Filter change, Odour and Particle Filter change and a full vehicle health check. The Motorcraft service includes and Oil and Filter change, either an Odour and Particle Filter or Air Filter change (you can choose between these) and a 30 point health check.' So they are wanting almost £300 to change a few filters and the oil? And then give me recommendations of extra work they suggest me to pay them to do? When I asked for clarification the lady wasn't much help becoming quite short in the emails. Annoyingly I can do all this work myself, I just would like complete service history but at this rate I'd rather loose a little value in a few years. If anyone could let me know if this is usual or I'm missing something that would be great Cheers 👍
  5. Hi, First post on this forum, I own a 2015 face lift Focus Titanium with the 150 1.5 Ecoboost in blue. I've made a few changes like the black st line front grills, and I have an st line spoiler on order. I however can't seem to find any aftermarket body kits or Upgrade parts which is strange as the MK7 Fiesta has absolutely tons of customisation options online, and any searches for my focus only returns results of the pre facelift MK3 focus. Is it simply that there is no market in modding the MK3.5 focus? I'm currently looking for a rear diffuser with twin exits to allow fitting of a twin exit exhaust system. If anyone would be able to direct me to where these sorts of things are that would be great help, I'm only after a subtle sporty look not a full blown liberty walk kit. Thanks in advance!