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  1. Just to let you all know the clutch went.. after putting a new clutch in no more turbo faults
  2. gobba

    Ford sync

    Hi i got myself a c max and it has the sony radio with sync. I have something troubling my mind, does anyone here get facebook messages through there sync? I dont use facebook but the mrs was connected playing YouTube through the radio and a suspicious text came through. She says it was a facebook seller but im not so convinced. Cant get onto the messages she turned off her connection . So can anyone confim that it supports facebook messages thanks
  3. Hi its a new thread. I have been getting put into limp mode when boosting now and then. I think i have found the source of the problem maybe but i dont know what the bit is. I found it yesterday when treating the car to a new clutch. Basically its a flexipipe on the back of the engine next to the gear box. I will attach a photo. If you could tell me what the part is that would be great thanks.
  4. Car i have in the garage...could anyone tell me what the sencor is and why the pipe is blowing off with accel. The pipes are coming from the dpf i believe. Thanks
  5. will replace fuel filter,, i did have a split boost pipe,, the pipe from turbo to inter cooler, only on the elbow part though, i changed that (happened 1 week after i got the car)
  6. 3 degrees this morning,, light illuminated.. apparently a temp sensor mean the glow plugs only activate when its cold enough
  7. I cleared the code and have had no problem since. Im pretty sure its not the solution though. I purchased one of these plug and play things that was mentioned earlier. Now i watch the boost dials etc. I have noticed the throttle gauge is doing nothing at all but ignored it. Today i have it plugged into my scenic and the throttle guage is working on that so i must investigate maybe accurator or the egr as you say.
  8. Im going back into the garage today. I have my own diagnostics there (maxicheck pro) which shows no codes. Maybe one will be stored on the system now. I will also be using the snapon model too.. to confim. I will have a look at this thing you mention. Will update later.
  9. Thank you i will get the car on the ramp when i can get into the garage and check it out. I am thinking there is a bad one as when i touch the accelerator and release it i do get a big shudder from the engine. My uncle who i got the car off said this is just torque. Another problem from what the mrs has just said is that she was driving home just.. radio turned it self off car went juddery. She pulled over restarted car and it went back to normal.
  10. There is no flashing light. The light doesnt come on when turning the key. I also have no codes at all.
  11. ok so glow plugs were bad,, replaced seemed ok for 2 days,, this morning though shaking again,, i have also noticed no glowplug light on instrument panel.
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