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  1. Hi. I did this recently. Straight swap. Just needs reprogramming using Forscan. Took me a while to work out settings but all working perfectly now.
  2. Hi Cian. Did you ever get this sorted out? I managed to sort mine out last night. I might be a little late to the party but it was relatively simple on Forscan. I can give you the settings if you still need them.
  3. Hi Alaesia. Do you recall which settings were changed on Forscan? I just installed LED strip headlights in place of halogens and they are not working properly (dim when they should be bright, not dimming when indicating etc.) TIA
  4. I don't know for certain but my understanding is that you can fit the autofold mirror. However, this would then need to be programmed to work properly. I recently had to change my mirror to an autofold as mine had been fitted with an aftermarket mirror which was a manual fold. It now works fine after buying a genuine Ford part from a breaker on eBay, Easy to fit (YouTube videos) But I don't know about the re-programming if it wasn't originally fitted with autofold.
  5. Update: The mirror arrived and has been installed. Now working perfectly. So the answer is either find a genuine Ford part from a breaker or from Ford. I'd go with the breaker due to cost. Fitting it is straightforward as long as you have a decent socket set with fairly long sockets (mine was too shallow and wouldn't reach the nut because of the length of the mirror bolt) and Torx screwdriver. Thanks everyone for all your comments and advice.
  6. Still waiting for my mirror to turn up after Yodel managed to lose it in their depot. Should be arriving today
  7. I just bought a mirror from a guy breaking a Fiesta for £60. Just waiting for it to arrive to see if it's going to work and will let you know.
  8. Found this on Eurocarparts: Not cheap are they???
  9. Hmm, that's something for me to be aware of then. I really don't want to waste £80+ on an aftermarket if it's not going to work either. Perhaps someone else may have a clue as to why this would happen.
  10. Hi. After a closer examination last night, I noticed that there was no puddle lamp on the driver's side. So I had a good look at the mirror and realised this must have been a replacement as there is no lamp on it. So it probably has been damaged and replaced with the incorrect, non-power fold. I guess I either live with it or try to find a replacement at some point. Thanks again for all your comments.
  11. Thanks TomsFocus, No there is no visible damage to the mirror at all but then it is a used car. If the motor is faulty then I'll just live with it for a while. I just wondered if they were on separate fuses but as you've pointed out, this seems unlikely. I spoke to Ford who recommended popping in to the local dealership but as we all know, that usually means expensive diagnostics. Hardly seems worth it. I might get it checked on next service or something.
  12. Hi all , I'm hoping someone can help me out. I have just purchased a used 2013 1.0 Zetec S Ecoboost. I'm just feeling my way around the car at the moment but one of the first things I have come across is the driver's wing mirror will not autofold either on locking or when the button is manually pressed. The passenger mirror autofolds but only manually not on locking. All other mirror functions work, tilting etc. but not the autofold. Is this likely to be a fuse issue? I can't find the appropriate fuse in the manual for the mirrors and aside from going through each and every fuse to check I was hoping someone might have a clue. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi all. Just recently purchased a 2013 Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost Zetec S 125. Thought I'd join the Forums as I'm bound to have some questions. In fact, I already do hence arriving here. Will post in the appropriate thread. Nice to meet you.