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  1. Does anyone know if a fiesta system of the same year will fit the streetka cat back ? Thanks...
  2. Does anyone know of a direct fit S/S rear after market for the Streetka, will a Sportka one fit or is the floorpan too different ? I just don't fancy all that cutting/welding/clamps etc and then perhaps having to trim the rear valance... Many thanks
  3. Sounds like a clutch bearing to me, the dealer appears to want rid before it lets go....if you do buy it then I would put a clutch kit into it straight away, personally I would try to get hold of a fiesta which can be had for decent money...........
  4. Check the alternator/auxiliary belt !
  5. Don't be tempted to buy cheap as you may very well live to regret it and have to change items again after a short period of time....
  6. Hi, yes the stat housing becomes very brittle after a while, better to change the whole unit out as they come complete with new stat and gasket with the housing. I changed mine at the same time I changed the HCV as a matter of precaution, then back flushed the system with clean water before replacing the coolant, and yes it vents through the expansion tank but I always squeeze the hoses aswell just to help purge any trapped air. Its a well known trait....
  7. Hi Phil, glad you got it sorted and thanks for the info....
  8. Hi, it wouldn't hurt to change both as they are prone to fail, the HCV should take you about 45 mins start to finish and I would change the whole thermostat housing which can be bought complete with stat and new gasket, then flush system through and refill using Red OAT coolant with appropriate water dilution, I did this to my streetka a few months ago as a matter of precaution. Just remember to leave the expansion cap off to allow any air to vent and squeeze bottom hose when running engine for first time, probs telling you things you already know, if so sorry.... Other than that check the heating control dial is working correctly, but most probs it will be the above issue, let us know the outcome ? Regards...
  9. Hi, did you manage to find the leak at all ? Have you tried the newspaper method under the car overnight to see roughly where the coolant is dripping from then trace it back up along the wet line ?
  10. Hi, I found mine leaking from the coolant temp sensor on the thermostat housing,i just changed the whole unit as It came with new gasket/thermostat/sensor, issue sorted for me. Try removing the airbox and look around the sensor ?
  11. Hi all, does anyone know if I can swap out the original M6000 series single cd stereo for the 6 cd version ? Is the wiring and connectors the same and will the unit fit ie the rear space ? Cheers in advance....
  12. Hello all... New to forum & new to owning a Streetka Luxury and have been reading through possible nightmares that can arise with these models, have owned early fords such as mk2 escorts, mk1 & mk1 facelift capri's which were fun drives and soooo easy to work on even with a YTS tool kit ! Mine is a 2004 in blue with 73k, bought for £400 with 20 days mot on it...intake of breath !!! Put a set of front disc's & pads on and sent it off....passed with advisories on front tyres close to limits, I thought WTF, nothing bad underneath ? Didn't come with spare crappy space saver wheel so bought alloy with new tyre and just bunged it in the boot with a snow sock covering it. Have done the usual as a precaution ie; HCV, thermostat housing and back flush, coil pack and plugs, oil & filter change. Bought as car for other half but just makes me smile when I drive it, haircut sir ?
  13. Hi all, newbie to the forum.... Is there to anyone's knowledge a Ford rear axle with disc brakes that would be suitable for a Streetka ? I don't mind spannering, ex REME, I just want to improve the rear braking to try to balance it with the front disc's Any info greatly received....thanks
  14. Hi, yes they will fit with ease, I have these on my standard 16" rims without issues...
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