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  1. Hi all. Can anyone get me the link to fitting mk3 st gauge pod to a car. Tried doing the search the site but can't seem to find it. Looking to identify the square 6pin plug and work out which pin is which. Thanks
  2. So I would need to remove the plastic spacers and then get ford to reprogramme?
  3. If I fit the 17s and remove the rack limiters do I need to fit thinner limiters or just take the ones off now and put nothing on?
  4. Thanks. Been looking for some winter tyres. Can find loads of 2nd hand 17s but very few in my 18 size.
  5. Hi all Looking for some advice. I've got a Titanium X with the oem 18" wheels and 235 40 18 tyres. I'm thinking of going down to 17's as firstly the turning circle is rubbish and the tyre size is not very common. I believe in order to stop the 18's rubbing Ford fitted a steering rack limiter. My questions are how easy is it to remove the rack limiter and if I fit Ford 17s with stock tyre size will this throw my speedometer reading out? Thanks.
  6. Hi all Does anyone know if the torque mount on the st is the same as that on a 1.6ecoboost? I'm looking to upgrade to improve traction, reduce wheel hop and improve gear shifting. I can see mk3 focus st from Airtec for 75quid. The mountune one listed for the 1.6ecoboost is like 130quid but looks the same. Thanks Steve
  7. Thanks for the reply. It shows the fixings but no part numbers. I'm assuming only available as part of the lip spoiler 1759505
  8. Hi all. I've bought a 2nd hand front lip spoiler from a mk3 Zetec S to fit to my 2011 61 plate mk3 Titanium X. Does anyone have a parts slide picture showing the part numbers for the fixings I need to fit it? Thanks
  9. So I've picked up the st triple gauges. Easy to fit in place of the original speaker which is bigger than expected but doesn't seem to affect sound quality. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the triple gauges?
  10. Hi all Is there a way to fit a turbo boost gauge to my 61 plate 1.6 ecoboost focus?
  11. Been to Evans Halshaw Ford near me. Part number 1509087 £225.12 inc vat. Wow. Anybody able to measure the 2 plastic arms on theirs? If I know the lengths I can make some replacements.
  12. Hi all. Looking to hardwire a cable for my dash cam so no unsightly cable from cig lighter. Already fed down lh a pillar trim to passenger footwell. Where and how is easiest to connect to an ignition live? 2011 mk3 focus estate Thanks
  13. Tidy pic thanks. Will prepare myself to ask how much with lfd monday.
  14. Ok thanks. I thought as much but read somewhere that the headlamp level sensor is located at the back of the car. Do you know if mine is indeed broken? What should it be attached too?