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  1. Ok, strangely the keys are behaving properly this morning (we haven't had a chance to replace the batteries yet). I'll keep monitoring the issue...
  2. That's certainly possible, although one key is used a lot more than the other... I'll try swapping one of the batteries out.
  3. Hi, My partner has a 63-plate Fiesta Titanium Ecoboost (face-lifted version with larger grill) Up until about 1pm today, it's been largely issue free, but all of a sudden the car will not lock with the remote fobs unless standing right next to the car. It's not been a gradual reduction in range to indicate a expiring fob battery and the issue has occurred with both fobs simultaneously, which is telling me it's a hardware issue on the car. Are there any known things to try before I book it into the dealer for the inevitable expensive diagnostic & parts replacement routine?