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  1. That's right it seems that the main trouble seems to have occurred in the Fiesta range of motors, mind you the DCT450 does require essential maintenance in the form of frequent oil changes, by that I mean every 12500 miles or 3 years which ever comes first. Mine is being done next week for a price!! But then once done and properly looked after they are good to drive and give very smoothe and quick gear changes. During my motoring life I have had mainly manual gearboxes but now that I have reached 80 I am satisfied to drive an automatic and am finding it to quite a pleasure to do so. I do miss the manual but then I do have sports drive which works very well. I do believe that one of the other reasons why there were problems with Powershift was that the DCT250 had dry clutches, whereas the DCT450 has wet clutches.
  2. Why do you say that and for what reason, I have one and have had it for a long time without any problem. My car is a 2011 model.
  3. Hello my name is John and I joined about a month ago and have been rather busy of late. My last car was a VW Passat 1.8 T which I had owned since 2003 and a Series 5 BMW e39 3 litre diesel. Both have gone now and I have replaced them with a Mark IV Mondeo 2.0l ecoboost, with powershift in Moondust Silver metallic. I am enjoying the Mondeo and think that the drive and comfort is as good as the BMW and much better than the VW!