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  1. Hi Steve, keep an eye out for a GPS failure icon on the Sat Nav display as some of the earlier MK8s (my 67 plate included) had a chronic issue that was never fixed. It can be intermittent so an extended test drive is advisable if possible.
  2. No worries Blair, and it is worth an ask of them as you never know 😉 - I dealt with a really nice young salesman at Toyota once who seemed fairly on the level ... Made me want to buy a new Yaris, well until I drove it of course 🙂 . I was disappointed too that I was having to think about whether my modern, almost new the car would start when I needed it to after I got my MK8. I only gave the dealership I went to a single opportunity and they charged it up overnight and said the battery was fine. Not sure how they would have dealt with the issue had I asked for a replacement, although reading a couple of other posts it seems that some replace without a fight whilst others push back. I would imagine a new battery would fix the problem for a decent period of time, the length of that period may well be down to your usage pattern and the quality of battery you are able to get - some people are pointing part of the blame at the factory fitted Varta battery. Better batteries are no doubt availabe if bought elsewhere.
  3. Just sold my 67 plate with 3 and a bit months warranty left on it (October).
  4. Ahhh I remember, ASBO Orange was about as understated as it got 😁
  5. 100% agree with you Stefan. Especially on a 9 year old car where the financial 'benefit' of an exclusively Ford stamped service history is likely to be long gone.
  6. The 12v socket in the MK8 only stays live for a short while after the engine is turned off so this wouldn't work unfortunately.
  7. I'm not sure how much experience of buying cars you have, so my apologies in advance, but unless you have a good relationship built up over years of buying from them then you're likely to get zero honest feedback about that from a dealer. Forums can be a bit geared towards people posting about problems so it's easy to get the impression they all have issues so it's a difficult one to sift through. My personal feeling is that the MK8 asks more of its battery than it can consintently provide, but I also think if your usage pattern is to drive regular decently long runs and it had a new battery fitted, you may well be ok, as long as we don't all get locked in again. Even though the battery is still under warranty, I'd personally factor in buying a new battery at between 80 - 100 quid as part of the purchase. Like I said, we just don't know how it was used previously and leaving it sat for months with a dead or nearly dead battery is sure to have reduced it's capicity if not killed it.
  8. Same here with the 67 plate 125 bhp I had for around 20 months. Engine itself was fine.
  9. I personally would be guided by the information on the door plate. Also, I'd check the online version of your manual as I found the same disparity you're seeing between car and printed manual. https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/my-vehicle/download-your-manual
  10. I'd like to book the 2nd week in August please Roger 😁 ... How good is the Wifi ? 😜
  11. As 17 plates were the earliest I think Blair just meant 'later' as in, upto a year and a half later 😉 but as you mentioned, no specific issue as such, just the MK8 seems to burn through it's battery when left stood for a while.
  12. Glad everyone is ok Gary. Can happen at any moment, very scary.
  13. Almost certain that the dealership will only fit the X-Vision ones, as mentioned these cost around 300. They won't link up to the screen and are just the basic tone type. If you're outside of warranty I wouldn't entertain them as they are ridiculously overpriced and not any better than the 20 quid ones I had on my Mazda 2 a few years ago. When I bought my MK8 the dealership added them for free as part of the deal. I found them a bit hit and miss personally. I'd just find someone locally that I trusted to fit them and buy a set from Amazon.
  14. I'd previously done the same Chris. It could well have switched the WiFi and updates back on after the reset. 😄 I think you're right m8. As for what next, well I'm gonna leave it for a while as the Mrs has a work van and a 2019 new shape Honda Civic I can use until my work picks up.
  15. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I thought I'd post my final update: Whilst preparing the car to be sold on Friday, I did a master reset to clear any personal data and the constant GPS failure instantly re-appeared. That's pretty much a year without Sat Nav issues after the problem had mysteriously disappeared on it's own. I think the car realised it was destined for a new owner, so it decided to give them the full early MK8 experience 😄 .