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  1. Waze is a much better option 😉
  2. I've only had it with a few cables that my MK8 didn't like. Think I went through about 3 before I found one it was happy with.
  3. I think the key is if it's happening on multiple tyres and to a similar extent on each. In my siutation I had several 'good' tyre places check and re-seal / re-bead but nothing worked. Even when new tyres were fitted I still had the drop in psi. It was only when the tyres were on the car and under load the slow pressure loss would occur so emersion tests showed nothing unfortunately. I ended up doing the same as you, keeping a small electric pump in the boot and topping them up ever few weeks.
  4. Thanks for the update Roger m8. I checked with Lawton's at the end of March and nothing regarding the GPS update theorized for Q1 was available. I've pretty much given up on the Sat-Nav / GPS feature on mine now (since they gave me some money back). I think if Ford's not fixed it in nearly 2 years it's unlikely they will in this revision of the Fiesta - I could be wrong though (I often am).
  5. I'd echo what Pete has said. I had a Mazda 2 for 4 years and towards the end all the tyres would drop 5 - 10 psi in the space of a month. It was caused by corrosion inside the allows. I had everything done short of full alloy refurbishment and nothing stopped it. i used to just re-inflate the tyres every few weeks as I didn't want to spend circa £200 on it at the time.
  6. Same here. Generally only me or my partner driving it. Never lose anything according to the TPM but do check them manually every few months.
  7. Only had this happen once. Even a reset didn't fix it, just came back working next time I used the car.
  8. Got my Fiesta from there Roger. About an hour and a half from where I live but well worth it to avoid my local Helshaw. @Rob - £99 sounds like a decent price as my local (non-ford) garage charged me about £140 but I did specify Magnatec.
  9. I used to use the free app Fuelio when I was tracking my work mileage and it was brilliant: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kajda.fuelio&hl=en_GB Some really useful reports could be generated with it. Does all those pesky mathematics for you automatically 😇 Well worth a look if anyone wants to keep track of how much dinosaur juice you're getting through.
  10. I think you've discovered the Fiesta MPG unicorn Martin m8, never sell it lol
  11. I have the 125ps MK8 and get a mixed urban / some B roads average of 42MPG. Motorway driving I can see about 44-46ish. Cold weather can make a big difference but even so, 33MPG seems very low. I think these EB engines are very sensitive to driving style having a big effect on MPG too.
  12. Hi elias, I test drove the 100ps and the 125ps one after the other in quick succession and I much preferred the 125. For me, personally, the difference was very noticeable. The 100ps was fine but when I compared the two of them side by side the 125 felt quite a bit more nippy and less sluggish. I agree with DG97, the 125ps seems like the best overall choice but the 100ps might be good enough for your needs. I world urge you to do the same as I did and test them both
  13. Sorry to hear I'm not alone m8. Firstly in winter, on frozen days, it made a noise that sounded like a team of hamsters were gnawing through the roof. Now it's getting warmer I just get a creaking noise all the time... Only fix so far to play louder music 😉 Will let you know if I take the car in and they find a solution. Got a feeling it'll involve mastic grouting.
  14. Cheers, that's promising then. I'll mention it along with the pan roof rattle lol... If I can crank up the stereo I can drown that out hopefully 😉
  15. That's the way I want it to look ALL the time 😁