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  1. Yeah absolutely no interest in disabling the seatbealt warning icon, not even really that fussed about the info pop-up on start up, was just interested if the procedure disabled the message as I'd read previously it wasn't possible to do so. I've got used to mindlessly pressing OK on several messages on the last few cars 😁 it's all keeping us much safer 😉
  2. Exactly 🙂 I always thought the cluster warning message requiring the OK press was not removable. Having re-read the OP I think I mis-understood and it's relating to the warning icon, not the message.
  3. Not related to the Auto but check the Sat Nav works (extended test over an hour if possible). I've had a couple of MK8s, both 2017, with the GPS fault. Not the end of the world but you'd wanna factor that into negotiations.
  4. Same with my A3 before the Fiesta. Had it from new and used about a litre... Was worried at first until I read its pretty normal. Does everyone check theirs when it's stone cold, or after 10 mins like I'm sure I've read in the manual?
  5. I've had my 2017 1ltr EcoBoost MK8 125 (manual) for a year and I check the oil constantly. I've not had to top it up once in between services so if it is using oil it's not discernable. Mileage has gone from 7500 to 14000 during the last year.
  6. Had mine about a year and I've learned to just smile when the car suggests 6th in some situations. I love the Pilot Sport 4s on mine - great grip. I've yet to blow the horn, but after your glowing review I'm really looking forward to scaring the next pedestrian that dares to cross my path 🤣 Glad you seem to be liking it.
  7. It's working normally Michael, don't worry. It's speed signs and the only other one I've ever seen is the over-taking one, and that was in the manual lol. @Eric Bloodaxe - Agree totally regarding the usefulness. Although it's better than the Honda system in other half's new Civic. It only displays the speed for around 10-15 seconds unless it sees another sign.
  8. Not had multiple issues in one go like yours Paul but I've had a couple like the instrument cluster failing and then steering column lock malfunction. Add in the GPS failure issue and the electronic systems are what makes me worry about keeping the car outside of warranty. Just don't fancy a £1K bill (guess) for a new APIM just outside of warranty 😲 Hope it's something simple on yours.
  9. Not sure about the not being able to cancel a route, but to get back to full screen navigation just press the smaller nav screen.
  10. 33,000 sounds very good to me. My A3 chewed through the factory fitted Bridgestone's in 17k of mostly motorway (normal) driving. If you're happy with the performance then I'd be tempted to keep to the same ones.
  11. My 125ps MK8 is 2 years old and has 14000 miles on the clock. I get 42mpg around town and 58mpg on purely motorway. Driven in a normal manner.
  12. Hi Blatto, car looks very nice. The 12volt stays live for a while, although I'm not sure how long, I think it's 15-30 minutes possibly. Hopefully someone can confirm exactly. I found the same problem when I came to plug my dashcam in unfortunately. I had a local technician hardwire mine in. The good news is it doesn't require any drilling or anything permanent, but I would suggest you find someone familiar with trim removal.
  13. Nothing materialised from the Q1 2019 proposed fix date, so, in all reality I'm sure they're not gonna release one now. 2 years is long enough to come up with a solution. I was under the impression they'd solved it on the later cars though. As for my 67 plate, and I'm really reluctant so say this out loud, but I've gone from 100% GPS failure on every trip, to 1 failure (that corrected itself) in over 3 months. In convinced the hot weather has reflowed the chips crappy solder job in the APIM lol. Now I've said that, and the cold weather is here, no doubt it'll return to 'normal' again.
  14. So the air it blows at you is never warm? And it seems to only happen when you're driving? If that's right then it doesn't sound like the fan is blowing (as it would if you had the cabin air recirculation button pressed) but rather the air is being allowed / forced in whilst driving. Which sounds like an inlet somewhere isn't blocking it as it should.