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  1. My 67 plate MK8 developed the same fault. First it was intermittent, now neither sensor on the passenger side handle works.
  2. I wouldn't put it past just being a case of not having to remove the bumper. The locations are all pretty close to the edges in comparison to the factory fitted ones. Anyway they do work to a fairly acceptable level. Just ridiculous how much they charge lol.
  3. It's strange yeah. I've not had a problem since creating the thread. Not been out to it today so hopefully it'll be OK tomorrow lol.
  4. Yeah mine are as iantt has shown. Two in the bumper and two in the black plastic. When looking at different cars, before I bought this one, I saw a few MK8s with the same x-vision placement so I'm sure it's how they are fitted by Ford dealers, as mine were.
  5. Hi Graham, I have a 67 plate Titanium that I got the dealer to fit the X-Vision ones as a 'freebie'. You're right Roger, the list price was £300 lol. Probably about £20 quids worth of sensors in reality, although they are colour coded (well the 2x in the actual bumper, not the black plastic below). They've not been that good. Often they'll not beep until you're a few cm away from an object, then other times they beep with plenty of warning. I had better ones fitted to my old Mazda 2 that cost a tenner (the sensors, not the Mazda 2). I don't trust / rely on them to any great extent. If I lived local I'd have gone back to the dealer with them.
  6. Mine, and a lot of other people's are failing too. Someone elsewhere on the board was told by their dealership that they would fix them under warranty but to await a 'proper' fix from Ford.
  7. My passenger side doorlock sensor has now failed. It's mainly only me that uses the car so I've just added to my list for just before the warranty expires in October 😉
  8. Thanks for the update Liam, hopefully the permanent fix will be quicker than the GPS failure fix that has been two years in the making 🙂 Result on the alloys as well. Shouldn't really happen but good that they're replacing them.
  9. I've done some research over the last year Roger and have discovered that the whole APIM system is powered by a series of tiny microscopic snowflakes. I have had the GPS failure, the screen freeze, the non boot up and am now enjoying completely useless Bluetooth as it drops connection to all phones connected to it frequently. I can forgive all this as I realise Ford are new to this car making game and am sure they'll get the hang of in car technology in the next version 😉
  10. My edge protectors are the same on the rear (less used) doors. From what I read it's fairly common.
  11. Yeah, it's the same on my 125. Calm screen just reduces the amount of info shown I think.
  12. tef89

    Dash cam

    Mine's similar to yours. Same postiion just the Aukey DR02 so similar 'wedge' type. Visibility isn't brilliant but it's the best it can be I guess.
  13. AC definitely helps demist the windscreen quickly. It's not ideal to never use the AC for months at a time it's true, but it takes power directly from the engine so it will have an impact on MPG, then combine that with relatively short journeys, colder weather etc. It's a personal choice but I just turn my AC off once the screen is demised and the car's warm air is enough to keep it clear.
  14. tef89

    Offer query

    Mine's a panoramic moon roof I'll have you know 😜 🙂 Creaks and rattles are a feature lol.