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  1. 125bhp every time. I test drove both and the 125 is just nicer to drive, it's not a huge amount of power difference but if the insurance difference isn't significant I would choose the slightly more powerful. EDIT: DG and Nick make a good point, one which I had missed. I'd recommend the 100bhp in that situation. A little less power, while still remaining responsive, would be better in a first car for a youngster.
  2. Judging by the amount of scuffs and scrapes I've had people put on my last two new cars (on street parking), Yes, most people do need parking sensors (me included). However, if you have a snotter of a car then no problem, the sound of plastic bumper on paint can be sufficent. A sizable amount of people simply don't give a ***** about other people's cars, if they can ram their heap into a space (even if it means damaging your car in the process) then they will. Hell is other people ... 🙄😀 (JPS)
  3. Glad you like it and everything seems OK. I've not found a away to do what you're asking with the voice. Even with other nav programs via Android Auto the volume is a law unto itself. I turn the prompt volume down, next time it talks it's back up lol. I found the same issue with the dashcam hardwire kit as well. Halfords had one so I was able to have it fitted by a m8 that day day. Placement on the screen was an annoying issue but it is what it is.
  4. Nope, no locking flap on the MK8. It's permanently unlocked and openable. There's definitely a knack to it. You have to make sure the pump nozzle neck is resting on the bottom of the filler hole once it's in. Otherwise you get frequent cut-offs from the pump.
  5. Oh right, so it's saying that something happens within the the nozzle or 'pipe' that's related to the central locking ? I'm easily confused so I may have got this wrong.
  6. I've been using mine as a makeshift Kazoo.
  7. Not sure if that's copy and pasted but, as Roger says, there's no centrally locking fuel filler door / flap on the MK8.
  8. Yeah spot on. Power and fast forward button simultaneously and hold until the unit goes black and it reboots. I've had a similar lock up once, just froze and ignored any keys pressed.
  9. My Mrs has a perfect technique for reducing any chance of fuel theft, it's nearly always empty... That'll teach em 😉
  10. I think you must live in a posher area than me Roger lol. I would just prefer the actual fuel nozzle door to lock. The kind that auto unlocks when I stop the car / pull the lever. Speaking of fuel, I tested the mpg on a long journey yesterday and managed to get 60 mpg doing 60-70mph... I cheered me while I was waiting for Sync to reconnect ;-)... I'm getting old.
  11. Hi m8, yeah no locking fuel cap, just the mega special super secure easy fuel system. Not a fan myself as it gives the average ***** the impression you've left it unlocked. The main display can be switched to permanent dark mode in the Display section of settings. Beware though, in bright sunlight it makes the screen hard to see sometimes.
  12. tef89

    GPS saga again

    Related to his topic, I just did a round trip to sheffield of about 3 hours and noticed Android Auto disconnecting several times. It did this a few times the other month on a trip to Stanstead but it seems more of a pattern now. I'll soon be back to sticking my phone on the windscreen and listening to BBC Radio 2 on a gramofone at this rate. 😐 I could of course blame the, never before had a single problem, Galaxy S7 I'm using but I'm much more inclined to blame the snowfalke MMI system in Fiesta if I'm honest. I was using Waze but it also did it with Google Maps too.
  13. tef89

    GPS saga again

    You can do it whilst driving (if safe of course). Press and hold both the POWER and >>> (Scan forward) buttons for a few seconds. The screen will go black and it will soft reboot the Sync system.
  14. tef89

    GPS saga again

    I've had instances where it would appear to continue working for varying lengths of time, but, slowly and surely the accuracy starts to drift. Then I've had instances where it loses GPS and immediately is way out. I think it's affected mainly by how many other roads are nearby, if you're on an A road or a motorway it seemed to take longer to drift. I've given up on it on all but the quickest of local journeys. You can also reset it whilst driving, I think it's power and right track buttons.