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  1. Terrible news ... I've just checked the dashcam from when my good lady parked up and she had turned the car off correctly ... I must destroy the evidence ! 🤣 It also did it today when I got in after leaving the car for a few more days so I'm fairly convinced it's just very 'careful' once it's been stood for a while. It started fine again so not gonna worry.
  2. Not had chance to test mine again yet, SWMBO assures me that the mirrors closed when she locked it so thinks it was turned off completely. A likely story lol... :-)
  3. Cheers for the info - I'll give it a test tomorrow.
  4. Hmmm, I guess it's possible. I had no idea the car would lock and alarm in that state though - the indicators definitely flashed when I unlocked the car. Problem I have is my other half also uses the car and that adds a whole extra realm of uncertainty lol. Uncertainty I can't remove by asking as she'll never admit it. Thanks for the tip though 🙂 EDIT: Well I just went back to the car and got in it to see if I got the message again... The System loaded up the Ford logo then turned off (along with the headlights) as per normal if it isn't started. I'm 100% gonna blame the Mrs when she gets home 😄
  5. Had my MK8 for about 4 months and just now got the "please turn ignition off or start engine" warning with the progression bar when I got in the car. It started fine but I'd not seen this warning before, although I realise it's designed to stop people killing the battery. I'd not driven the car for about 2 days and the only thing that had changed recently was I turned on the courtesy light function for getting in / out of the car. It does do short runs but about once a week gets a decent leg stretch. Just wondered if this is common, or is it indicative of a potential battery issue, or does it just look at how many amps/volts/magic beans are being drawn from the battery ?
  6. 100% agree. It's about driving style & journey distances and increasing your chances toward better reliability beyond the initial 3 years, rather than a statistical calculation by a manufacturer who realistically may be 'choosing' to only consider the in-warranty failure rate versus the improved sales generated by longlife servicing.
  7. I like... The colour (Magnetic Grey). I dislike... The faulty GPS / Sat Nav. There are other niggles but we're only allowed one lol. I do like the car overall though.
  8. 2 years or 18000 miles, whichever comes first. Nice and simple. I just chose to service mine at 1 year as I bought it second hand so didn't know how well it had been driven etc. Also I do a lot of short journeys.
  9. I bought mine outright at 1 year old. It was a Ford Direct vehicle so it has the 2 years Roadside / Recovery included. I decided to get it serviced (to Ford spec) by my local non-franchised garage when I bought it just so I knew for sure it was 100%.
  10. tef89

    Dashcam recommendations

    No worries Dev, hope you find the perfect one for you 😉
  11. tef89

    Dashcam recommendations

    I *think* mine was wired into the Park Assist fuse (or similar). I had the same issue with needing the smaller fuse tap too. One thing I would mention to anyone getting a Dashcam is to buy a proper high endurance Micro SD. You can get away with standard cards often but i've had a couple of instances when a recording or card has failed / corrupted using them. High endurance cards cost more but use a more robust nand chip hence the higher price. Worth the reassurance that you're less likely to see an unplayable file when you need the footage most. Some good information here: https://carcamcentral.com/guide/recommended-sd-cards-avoid-sandisk-ultra-cards
  12. tef89

    Ford Fiesta Mk8 Subwoofer Installation

    I'm tempted to take mine out just to test it now 🤣 knowing my luck I'll snap the connector.
  13. tef89

    Ford Fiesta Mk8 Subwoofer Installation

    Pretty sure you can as the sub is plug and play according to one dealer I went to before I bought the car I have. The salesman reckoned the previous owner used to remove it to fit the spare wheel in there. I'd questoined it as I genuinely thought the sub wasn't working correctly (now I realise it's source dependant). Not even sure it would make much difference to the sound in the majority of instances as all the power seems to come from the front speakers.
  14. tef89

    Fiesta MK8 & the B&O Equalizer

    I'm glad I went for the B&o system but I agree, it's very hit and miss whether the you have amazing or just ok sound. I've find very little that drives the sub in a pleasing way so just wish I could push the sound around how I'd like without losing clarity etc. Oh and the steering wheel thing, I've had 2x MK8s and they both has it lol, don't even see it now.
  15. tef89

    Dashcam recommendations

    This is the one I went for: https://www.amazon.co.uk/AUKEY-Camera-Detection-G-Sensor-Recording-Black/dp/B0711K92J1/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1549665571&sr=8-5&keywords=aukey+dashcam It was recommended on Techmoan's YT site. It's the most discrete one I'd found. I had mine hardwired to the fusebox after buying a kit from Amazon. Unfortunately the MK8 needed a size that wasn't in the kit (micro size or something) but it was easily sorted with a trip to Halfords. It works really well and I had a similar designed one in my last car. It's barely noticable once fitted. Placement is not great in the MK8 though as I've found the central windscreen instrument / camera / mirror cluster interferes with the viewing angle a little. I know more expensive solutions exist but £60 was about all I wanted to spend ( got £40 back from my insurance for fitting it too ).