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  1. Thanks for the update Janet. I'll add them to my list of things the next time I need to take mine in.
  2. Ahh those were the days eh. 🤣 Most advanced bit of tech on my Mini Metro was the wooden peg I kept hidden underneath the car to open the window with when I locked my keys inside.
  3. I thought all MK8s had Wifi ? I know my 67 plate does. The only thing that concerns me about updating via Wifi if they've now enabled it in the UK Martin is the length of time it will take. If we accept that the USB method takes around 45 minutes to an hour @ realistic USB2 speeds of 20-40 MBps, then even if it's 5Ghz Wifi to the car's APIM (you're far more likely to see 2.4Ghz as it travels further), it would take a similar amount of time to complete, if not longer. I'm genuinely interested to see how your first update works out 🙂
  4. I thought it must have been grit initially but the scratches are perfectly aligned, on both sets of wipers lol. Not the end of the world eh. I had a few chips scratches on my A3 that I never bothered to get repaired, WBAC gave me a brilliant price (1K more than Audi lol) when it was 18 months old so I was glad I left them in the end. I'm sure they're making these windscreens easier to chip / mark nowadays ... dang millennials 🙂
  5. I feel your pain Roger m8. Hope you can lessen the effect of it.
  6. As long as you touch the bars twice within 2 seconds it should double lock (1x flash then 2x flashes).
  7. Nah not really had any wet clothing / shoes to speak of. Dried all the surfaces so I'll just keep an eye on things for now.
  8. So no button, just an embedded sensor (4x lines in fact) that you touch to lock. The sensor inside the handle registers when you've put your hand in to open the door.
  9. Yeah the keyless entry has three raised lines on the front door handles, double press deadlocks the car and the indicators flash. To unlock you just put your hand into the door handle and pull. Or you can just use the fob as normal.
  10. Yeah it's the swoop and uptick of the rear lights I believe. I have it on mine. Only us cool kids have em 😉
  11. In all fairness, the spare wheel would probably produce better bass than the sub on my MK8.
  12. Either way it was a bit better this morning. Still had to give the screen and panoramic roof a good drying but not as much as previously. I've decided not to push the car into a dis-used quarry just yet. ☠️
  13. Not been using the AC at all as I've been trying to maximise the amount of charge that goes back into the battery (short and infrequent journeys). I tend to have the window open instead, even if it is a bit cold. The next journey I do I'll use the AC and see if there's an improvement after. I've just been out to the car to try and dry the windscreen and noticed the panoramic roof is literally covered as well, dripping on me as I dried it. As I mentioned, what's concerning me is I never had this issue last year. If the car is reading this, please can I swap the GPS failure issue back for this cold shower effect ? 😁
  14. Thanks Ian and Roger for the tips, I appreciate them, I really do, but I'd rather sell it than have to start filling it with salt and silica gel 😉 . My 8 year old Mazda 2 never did it, nor did my A3 and not even my old Rover 214si did it 😇. I think if there's some kind of leak that's letting the moisture in then its days are numbered sadly. Just too many things starting to add up that fills me with dread as the end of the warranty approaches next year. I'll see how it goes the next few weeks but I'm falling out of 'like' with my first Ford lol.
  15. Have fun Bob m8, just remember low temps have a negative effect of MPG 😉