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  1. Hi, I have a 2006 s max 1.8 tdci. Can someone tell me what the wiring loom connector plug is next to the battery above the fuse box? It is suspended from the scuttle panel trim and just loops back on its self? Due to the shape of the loom bent back on its self the red wire has split the insulation and just wondered what this loom is for before I start repairing it. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have the same knock, I have been told gearbox mounts are common. I'm going to try a new mount at some point
  3. Just a quick update, sorry it's been so long. With gentle persuasion you can remove the brass internals of the egr hosing to clean the back side of the valve. Just make marks before removing as it has to be in the correct rotation otherwise will confuse the control motor. Many thanks to tdci-peter for all the information and help, much appreciated
  4. Just update, I eventually managed to get the stuck injector out by building up a wall off silicone sealant to create a well of brake cleaner on top of the injector hole. Once left to penetrate down through the head and alot of wiggling and twisting it came out.
  5. Thanks for the replies, what slide hammer set up would you use as Ive only seen slide hammer that screw on to a vertical feed pipe type injector?
  6. Does anyone have any tricks or recommend tools for pulling out a stuck injector on a 1.8 tdci, I need to replace the copper wash as I have alot of blow by but it has gone unnoticed for sometime as ther is alot of tar build up. I have chipped away all the visible tar and had days on end of soaking in penetrating fluids and cola but sill no movement with lever or heel bars. I have even tried driving the car round with a loose injector clamp but still no movement? Any advice would help.
  7. Hi, I have a 2006 S max 1.8 tdci but ever since I have had it the engine temperature sits around 70 on the gauge? It does increase to 90 when I push it hard up a hill then drops off again after. This shows all the signs of a faulty thermostat. This is bow the problem, so far I have fitted 4 new thermostats and seals ( 2 genuine, 2 non genuine), new genuine thermostat housing, 2 new head temp sensors, new water pump and belt. I am now stumped on what it can be. I do get heat inside the cabin so engine is getting warm but not sure if it's full temperature. I have read about the focus having dash cluster issues which affects the temp gauge but nothing related to the s max?? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Unfortunately, bad new, the eml has come back on with egr related code. Peter, if you have any spare time would you be able to give me voltage readings for each pin off your cars egr loom plug both when running at idle and just Ignition on engine not running. Thanks again
  9. Quick update, I haven't had time to do any back probing but with the new actuator still fitted I did disconnect the battery for an hour to see if it would reset and parameters and fingers crossed it is yet to throw the eml back on. I am still running with the blanking plate in as it drives alot better like most cars do when the egr is blanked off. So hopefully my problems are sorted. Tanks for all your help Peter. Greatly appreciated!
  10. So had a quick look at the the old original actuator last night and when I opened it up in was full of carbon dust, once cleaned I could then power the motor on the bench and it would return when power was removed. But when I plugged it in to the car and left loose I still had no moment at any point????
  11. Also do you know and volt reading that should be supplying the actuator or and tests for the loom? Thanks again
  12. Just to add I have ran with egr blanked for sometime with no fault codes so presume it is a fault with he valve or wiring rather than a lack of egr flow being picked up by other sensors
  13. Thanks for all the info, I will have a pike around this weekend and let you know what I find
  14. I have 1.8 tdci with an egr fault. I have so far tried new egr motor, new egr valve assembly and I still have fault code p0406 coming up so I'm thinking it's either wiring or another sensor giving wrong information to the ecu? At the moment I have to run with a egr blanking plate in other wise I have no power. The valve is free moving, clean and de coked. Any suggestions, test procedures, test voltage and resistance readings or wiring diagrams would be greatly appreciated
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