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  1. Wish you luck finding it 🙂 I am not from UK, but I am curious if joint efforts of Ford lovers can help you track it
  2. Hey, on the beginning I want to say I am a total "noob" in terms of what can/should be done in order to "tune" the engine. What I would like to get is to go to a guy who knows this stuff, chip/do something with the engine that would increase engine power/bhp/acceleration of the car WITHOUT damaging it short or long term. Is it possible? If so, what's the usual pricing and increase in bhhp you could get? I have 2.0 mk4 with 140 bhp currently. Many thanks for the answer and sorry if question is dumb.
  3. Ye, there is also kringle candle & country candle - not sure if there is any major difference between them, probably different fragrance lines 🙂
  4. Always wanted to ask mustang users - is it true that Mustangs offer the "cheapest" horsepowers out there? I mean - Audi, BWM or Mercedes - if we would like to get a car with comparable hp from Audi, BMW or Mercedes, we would need to pay lot more than for Mustang. I wonder why is it like that? Are German brands so overpriced?
  5. Check autonomia page, they should have what you are looking for, though they are asking to create account
  6. Small scented candle? Old people like small home decor stuff.
  7. Hah - in that case your dog is smarter than half of the human race 🙂 What I dislike? The fact that android music station implemented in my mondeo uses so many electricty (even when it is turned off) that I had to create additional switch for it to be able to manually and completely shut it off (before I worked out it was the problem of music station - I replaced battery twice).
  8. I see a pattern - every year (if you do not screw anything i.e no convictions/claims etc) insurance prices are increasing by 50-100£ per year. Annoying, but do not think there is a way about it. As for the insurer, I usually stick with aviva, though they might not be the cheapest one out there.
  9. Think I read somewhere that Google maps were added for iOS in 2013
  10. Hey! I am a proud owner of mondeo mk4 (end of 2011). Just wanted to say hello. Before the purchase I heard lots of worrying things about ford - however after several months of driving - I have to say I love this car :) Great to be here with other ford lovers :) Best, Rob
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