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  1. Yep just had a look at them they have a few locations closest to me would be Manchester will send them an email see what they say.
  2. Thats too far I think I'll just give it a miss then, save for my next car instead.
  3. That's what my dad was telling me about the fuel, its this company called ECU Pro in Birmingham. I really can't make my mind up so who would be a better option to get it mapped by around the same price?
  4. Thanks for the advice guys think I'll give it a miss then. So they are basically over promising it would be more of like a 20bhp increase?
  5. Ahhhh my friend got his gold mapped from this guy and it definitely feels faster and he claims he gets more mileage aswell. So you guys wouldn't go for it? I was mainly going to get it for the improved fuel.
  6. Hi guys so I've been thinking of getting my car remapped and the price seems decent and the increase in power too. Just wanted to ask would it be worth it and would it cause any problems? Thanks
  7. Hey guys so I finally got the chance today to change the pads and discs. One of the pads had a clean crack in the middle which I think caused the squeaking, finally the noise has now gone. 😊😊 I'll get another clip tomorrow of it driving nice and quiet haha
  8. Sorry about the slow reply guys and yes getting them changed on Friday hopefully. Will keep you guys updated thanks for your help!
  9. Yes the garage had it lifted up fully and they said they're certain it's the pads and discs. Yeah they need to be changed asap. And that noise is soooooo annoying espcially if you drive without the radio.
  10. Yes the pads and discs look like they haven't been changed in a very long time either, but wouldnt the noise come from both sides then not just the driver side?
  11. Hi guys I took it to the garage and they're saying if It was a bearing it would have been a humming noise. They're saying its the front pads and discs and having a look at them they do look really bad, could this be the cause?
  12. Haha it just came to my mind and stuck the phone outside the window upside down 😂😂 Ahhhh ok and what would be the fix for that? Yeah I thought it could be the bearing too.
  13. Yes I think it's around that maybe 4 or 5 clicks.
  14. Nope the handbrake is fine so what part exactly of the brakes could it be?
  15. Yes when I am braking the noise stops and you can only really hear it under 10mph.