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  1. Hi there mate. I think i got a quote for a 1.6 petrol Zetec S but that was when i was considering which car to buy so it was probably around September time. Cant remember exactly what the quote was but it was around £2000 i think, maybe more.
  2. Good point Andrew, my brothers got the Zetec S and he pointed that out to me too :). Have to say your car looks great in the white. I would have chosen the white but i share the car with my sister and she did not want white for some strange reason so we settled for panther black, still very pleased though :). Thanks for your comments.
  3. Hi there Barky. Reason was was because im 18, insurance on a 1.6 was way to expensive so i went for the 1.4 petrol. This meant i couldnt have the X pack as it is only available when purchasing the 1.6 petrol or diesel. Really wanted the wheels though so had to spend £1000 includng the tyres, I was quoted around £1200 but got the dealer to give me abit off which all helped :). Thanks for the comments :)
  4. Hi there folks. Just took delivery of my Fiesta on Wednesday after waiting a good 4 months from order to delivery. Thought you’d all like to see a couple pictures so I’ve added some below. I had the 17” 5-Spoke Alloy Wheels fitted at the dealer before delivery which I’m very pleased about even though they cost me a hellish amount of money. This means I have a BRAND NEW set of 16” 7-Spoke Alloy Wheels along with Tyres. So if anyone’s interested in buying them then feel free to get in contact with me by private email or on here. Added a picture of the Alloys for sale below. Do Enjoy!! :) Thanks Tom
  5. Help With Uploading Pictures Please :)

    Hi there guys. Thanks a lot for the help. I shall sort it out tomoz evening and get some pictures up to show you guys. Thanks :). Tom
  6. Hi there folks Silly question but how do i upload pictures from my documents. Just got hold my new fiesta so want to show all you lot and get your opinions :). Thanks Tom :)
  7. My New Titanium

    Just a couple of pictures of the new ride. Couldnt be more pleased :)
  8. Delivered Today

    Hi there The overlays look very very nice, im sure your very pleased :). Will deffo purchase some for my fez when it arrives next week. Thanks for the pics
  9. Delivered Today

    Hi there matey Would love to see a couple of pictures of the black and chrome DMB gel overlays on the car as im thinking of purchasing some myself Tom
  10. Help Choose New Fiesta

    Thanks KeithC. What is the reason for the splitter blade mounted at the bottom?? any ideas?
  11. Help Choose New Fiesta

    A splitter blade? Any pictures showing the difference would be greatly appreciated. Wasn't aware there were any differences. Intreeged Dsa777. I would deffo opt for the titanium with the dress up kit etc. Far more luxurious with all things such as the auto climate control and the cruise control.
  12. Order-->Delivery - How Long?

    Hi there sussex I ordered my titanium at the beginning of November and it is expected to be at the dealership on the 26th Feb although I was told they need to keep it for another week to do various checks etc. It is pretty kitted up with the upgraded alloys and the dress up kit. I was told the dress up kit was the reason my order has taken so long, whether that is true I don't no. That would mean I've wait about 4 months although they did close production over the Christmas period. Hope it won't take as long for you mate.
  13. 16" Alloys For The Zetec S 17" Alloy Wheels

    Hi there pal Lovely fiesta you have there it has to be said. Ive contacted my dealer to see what she can do about the alloy situation and she said shed get back to me latest tuesday. Appreciate the offer though mate, will deffo take it into account.
  14. 16" Alloys For The Zetec S 17" Alloy Wheels

    Hi there mate Appreciate the offer. Rung the dealer and she said she is going to get back to me on the alloy situation to see if it is possible to have the 17" alloys added. I will let you no what the outcome is, so i know if i will have to sell on my 16" alloys or not.
  15. 16" Alloys For The Zetec S 17" Alloy Wheels

    Hi there matey Thanks for the offer... i have rung the dealership to see what she says... said she will get back to me tuesday. But deffo keep the offer in mind.