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  1. Thankyou for the reply. The engine would be from a donor car which I already have. Like I said performance is not the issue so the ecoboost is not necessary and would actually be more expensive insurance wise than a 1.3 zetec. It's just annoying that when drivers are willing to 'down grade' to save money, cut emissions etc- they get hammered by having their vehicle classed as a modified EVEN though it's being made slower with less power and less emissions. It's Sooo wrong 😞
  2. Hi guys, please don't slate me for this question. . How practical is it to fit a zetec 1.3 into a streetka as a replacement to a 1.6 ? I'm asking for the money and running costs factor. More economy, cheaper road tax etc. How would insurance be effected? Would that bring the streetka insurance down or will it be classified as modified, even if going down in cc's? If I change the engine capacity on log book does that trigger bells on the insurance data base? I'm asking this hoping just to save a few £££s, vehicle performance is not an issue here. Many thanks in advance for help and advice.