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  1. Hi, Your best bet is to find one on eBay that has the SD card slot above the screen, with the fan built in on the back as that will definitely be the 5" screen. I went from the 4.2" to 5" and my Mrs loves it! (Because it has sat nav). Also easy to add a reversing camera once you have the larger screen. Also ford.7zap.com should help you with part numbers. The 4.2" is called MFD High and the 5" is called MFD Nav Low.
  2. If you set your wheel size in forscan it will correct your Speedo for you.
  3. The seat loom doesn't go to the BCM. I'll send over the Haynes diagram tomorrow. The cable you have pictures should connect the switches to the loom under the dash/console. Make sure you have the necessary plugs and wires within the main seat plug.
  4. @DEVSR2 you can get the full license by signing up on the Forscan forums, allowing you to get the full license key file. There shouldn't be any need to mess around with hexadecimal codes now - they should just be dropped pdowns with different options so to put back to stock just remember which options you have changed.
  5. I'm having a similar issue. Mine has climate control. From what I've read so far; if it blows on all settings then it's not the resistor pack. Some have said it's a valve flap getting stuck and whacking the blower strength up to full releases it and let's the hot air reach it's destination. Not had a chance to take apart and check yet though.
  6. Have you plugged into diagnostics such as Forscan? Should give you error codes. Will need to see whether it has completely lost connection with the instrument panel cluster module or there's an error with it. The other screen, try pulling the fuses for it, waiting 5 mins and putting the fuse back. This should reset the Sync system.
  7. Driving back from the supermarket with a crate of beers on my passenger seat the other day and the belt minder kept going off so I had to belt it up. Even the car doesn't want any spillage !
  8. Bob have you replaced your rear lights with LEDs?
  9. They're LED so the shouldn't pull much power. If you're handy with a multimeter you can temporarily connect them to the battery and measure their current draw in amps. You should be able to measure the current draw of the DRLs too. (Make sure to switch so the DRLs are at their brightest). Add these two numbers together and you should get the fuse rating you need.
  10. Cruise control can be enabled as well. Your looking for the central configuration module - have a look on YouTube there are lots of videos. You shouldn't need to change any hexadecimal codes, the ones you want should all have options.
  11. So it turns out it's only restarting when the SD card is in the slot. This is actually a relief to be honest as I thought the whole thing was damned. At least I can still use my Bluetooth reliably. I've yet to try other SD cards to see if it's the slot/reader that's faulty or my SD card. If it is the slot, and having a card inserted shorts it then I'll take the screen unit apart again and have a closer look at the slot. I doubt it's the GPS chip as the settings still show # of satellites connected etc. Could end up buying another screen of there's nothing obvious but I'm not sure it'll be worth it unless I can get one for less than £50
  12. Needs activating and you can use forscan software to do this.
  13. Oh great hive mind, i seek your advice! I've retrofitted sat nav to my 2014 Fiesta Mk7.5 Titanium, replacing the 4.3" sync display screen (FCDIM) with the 5" one - did this at the end of october and fitted a reversing camera too. I've also swapped my APIM/Bluetooth module for a newer one that supports the track/artist names over bluetooth. Everything has been working absolutely fine until new years day, where the display has started to randomly reboot itself. After a couple of minutes of being on (regardless of car moving/not moving, engine running/not running) and functioning perfectly it flashes, goes to black. Most of the time it then reboots and goes back to the start screen with the blue rectangles on it (sleep screen), and occasionally just stays off until you press the power button on the controls. A friend of mine has suggested that the canbus wires that activate whether the screen should be on/off are shorting, but then I'd assume that i wouldn't turn off when locked or come on with ignition in the first place? Plugged in forscan, the codes I get is the same in the Audio Control Module (ACM), Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) and Accessory Protocol Interface Module (APIM). They all read "U0257 - Lost Communication With Front Controls / Display Interface Module". If the screen is black (completely off not just sleeping) it is present at time of request and if the screen is on then it's a previously recorded dtc that will clear until the problem happens again. I've ran self tests on all the connected modules (ACM, APIM, FCDIM) and the FCDIM gives the error "Code: B119E - FM Reception; Additional Fault Symptom: - No Signal ". I'm pretty confident therefore that the problem is limited to just the screen module as when the screen reboots itself, the radio station will keep playing, until the screen has come back on and then the ACM then has to work out what the screen is now saying (usually the same radio station as before it rebooted). I've tried pulling the various fuses all at the same time to get resets, doing resets by the menu options on the screen itself and have performed module resets via forscan and the problem persists. At the same time as all of this, the FCDIM/screen now tells me that my SD card for the maps is faulty with the error that you usually get when you take out the SD card. No amount of turning off ignition putting the card back in has solved this. I've even taken the screen out, disassembled it down to the circuit boards to see if there were any obviously burnt out chips or capacitors and there was not. Has anyone else had an electrical gremlin like this before? Should I try just replacing the screen with another or get some extra help? If it is beyond me - does anyone have any reputable automotive electricians that would fix this kind of thing? I'm expecting ford dealers not to touch it purely because "the car didn't come with that screen", and they'll probably just go on a costly part replacing spree too. Thanks guys, Liam
  14. Yeah - Global open close on the windows (so you can open/close with remote) and auto locking by speed.
  15. You could try a factory reset of the ford sync system n the settings and see whether that has an effect?