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  1. Happy Birthday blimp!

  2. Mk1 Focus Stereo's

    I swopped a 3000 tape player for a 6000 no problems at all. lack of rear speakers could be a let down. I've also fitted a CD changer unit with ourt mishap
  3. 04' Focus Screenwashers Not Working

    The washer bottle filter will be gunged up with algae loosen whell arch skirt and find washer pump pull out and remove filter clean replace This should solve the problem I've had it on Foicus and Escort.
  4. It also gives you something to do with your left foot
  5. New Key Needed

    You can re-programme the key to work the remote central locking with just 1 other key but this will not knock off the imobiliser you do need 2 original keys to do that yourself.
  6. Adding Trip Computer

    I fitted a scan guage also off ebay only £112 one plug into the OBD11 socket under the steering wheel JOB DONE
  7. Battery Securing Clip

    I broke my left wrist 6 weeks ago I could not drive as I could not release the hand break or change gear. I did run the engine twice over this time but when I got the pot off and tried to start the car it was totally dead I recharged the battery for a couple of hours and it started first time. Two days later I tried again and the battery was dead. After a longer charge and 10 miles or so the battery seems fine but with winter looming I decided to change it anyway. All went well until I tried to remove the clamp that holds the bottom of the battery. The bolt just turned and turned without the bracket coming loose. I removed the 3 bolts that hold the tray in and lifted it and the battery out in one. After lokking at the bottom of the tray I found that the bolt goes through a circular insert in the plastic which was just turning with the bolt. I've tried drilling through the plastic and into the insert and tried to secure it with a selftapper but no joy. So I'm going to have to run with the old battery until I can get a replacement tray. The moral of the story eventhough it can't be seen keep this bolt well greased. Why can't ford use square or hex inserts witch would get rid of the problem
  8. Mpg For 1.8 Petrol

    I do 8.5 miles each way on mainly 50MPH restricted dual carridgeway only about 2 miles of traffic I get 40 normal driving but have gotten up to 48 by smooth driving.
  9. Parking Sensors

    the revearse light auto switch needs re adjusting.
  10. Scangauge 11

    Scangauge 11 only works obd2 plug don't know if the desils had them before 2002
  11. Ford Diagnostics Software

    You will need a cable to fit into your OBD socket the other end is a standard RS plug as used to hook up to a modem. There several sites offering software from free to £100. I have all the kit just haven't got around to trying out Blimp
  12. Can anyone give advice on retro fitting roof rails to a Focus mk1 estate
  13. Exhaust loud noise for focus 1.8

    I would blame the CR*PFIT exhaust I once took a caviler in with a large hole in 1 box and a crack in the other. full new exhaust system was fitted and the car was noisier than when I took it in after 3 weeks complaining I found out that they had fitted a cheap back box which was not tuned to the rest of the system which produced harmonics very loud harmonics.