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  1. Yes new cap as well. Noticed today that smell does seem a bit stronger if I put my nose above the radiator, so will investigate that area. Its annoying, a big proper leak would be easier to find!
  2. Thanks, however I replaced the expansion tank recently as it looked cracked. Coolant smell still there. Maybe I’ll take the radiator out next and examine for any problems.
  3. My wife has a 2009 1.4 petrol Fiesta. After driving it, there is a very noticeable coolant smell outside the car. However the coolant level hasn’t dropped, and it doesn’t overheat. It’s been going on for a few months. I’m assuming it’s a very minor leak somewhere, but I’ve not worked out where yet. Are there any likely culprits or problem areas I should check? Thanks
  4. Green it is then. Great, thanks everyone.
  5. I’ve tried that, and they offered me both options. There seems to be some confusion over which one is correct!
  6. I have a facelift Mk2 Focus. Quite a late one, registered January 2011. The power steering fluid is black, so I want to change it. However it is so black I can’t see if it is the red or green version - I believe both were used in the Focus. Can anyone advise if I should be using red or green fluid in my car? Thanks