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  1. Hahaha sorry I meant alternator, I think it’s just a standard 1.6. Nothing fancy about it at all. sometimes it flys along then other times it struggles to get to 60. Mate you suggesting Ford take a look?? If so any idea how much they charge????
  2. It’s such a pain think it might be an expensive trip to the ford garage
  3. Thanks for the reply, I’ve had a new coil and it’s serviced every year, it happens even straight after it’s been serviced. One thought was the a/c was taking too much power so we had it recharged and serviced again it made no difference. No fault code comes up at all. We have even changed the distributor and no joy. The mechanic did mention that he saw that there were tens of thousands of misses logged but no fault
  4. Our1.6 petrol cmax has some very strange ways. most of the time whilst driving it feels like it is missing, under power and not performing as it should . On occasion it stalls when coming to a stop, I can have my foot all the way down on the clutch and the engine revs drop and splutter then it stalks, it’s done it to me as we come to a junction leaving me in the middle of the road trying to restart the engine. im really fed up and worried that ee will have an accident if we can’t solve the problem. Has anyone got any advice????