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  1. Hello, I'm after some advice on fitting a lower bumper trim to my Ford focus mk2. I'll be using adhesive for fixing it. Having the trim already painted can anyone suggest a method of drilling a hole without cracking the paint and fibreglass? please.
  2. Thanks! Yeah I’ve seen the same colour one for sale and it says Tonic Blue in description. I saw that colour in Halfords as well before I gave them the code
  3. I’ve not only been into Halfords today but also viewed a couple of online paint sites. Wanting a match for my Focus. The car is Blue on V5 but has come up Silver when I have gave code from inside the door. Any advice on this please?
  4. Hello, having just bought a Mark2 Focus Zetec Climate 2005. Needing a bit of work done including replacing front wheel arch liner. Would a one from a Mark1 fit ?