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  1. Thread Of Awesome

    so spacers only at the back?
  2. I found out some painted mirror caps but they are hosted in an american site so i guess they fit the us spec fiesta... Do we know whether the euro and the us have the same mirror caps?
  3. here is a try from a member (other forum) i dont think it suits it....what do you think? maybe gunmetal will be better?
  4. I want to re-paint my wheels but the cost a bit too high (300 euros) so i cant afford any mistakes. i dont want the color to look odd in the car! can someone help? my choises are anthracite or gloss black ( i think they match better with the car ) but i am not sure! here is a link if anyone is interested in helping! http://img15.imageshack.us/g/p1030246h.jpg/
  5. Powerflex Bushes For Mk7 Fiesta

    many website dont update in a daily basis. ;) also, if you search you can find these even at driftworks.com (!!) as for the "official release"...cant tell....maybe its not in stock (?)
  6. Powerflex Bushes For Mk7 Fiesta

    i think this and this is what you are after!!!!
  7. Miltek And J1 Upgrade - You Need To Do This

    can you post the pictures they sent you?
  8. Miltek And J1 Upgrade - You Need To Do This

    i think you could do better than that.... first of all, the miltek exhaust is 60,3mm wide which is an awful big size for a normal aspirated 1,6 litre car that produces only 120ps...50 or 55mm maximum, if you dont want to install cams,intake manifold etc..... as for the filter, i cant understand how it is supposed to work when 1) the "vent" in the front (the plastic grille that holds tha badge) doesnt allow air to pass through it 2) the "ram air" seems to be completely useless 3) when the bonnet closes, actually there isnt really a place for the j1 filter to get fresh cold air (from outside) .....
  9. Quaife Lsd Differential On A Mk7

    no..... no one seems to to able to tell me "ok!" :(
  10. Which H11 Bulbs To Buy If:

    i cant see the facebook image. it says "This content is currently unavailable" ...as for the ebay seller.....he doesnt ship to my country! <_<
  11. Weight Of The 17 Inch Zetec Wheel

    no way even an oem (no name) rim can weigh more than 10 kgs mate (no offence) i think its close to 7 or 8 kg anyone else with an answer? edit: I found this but i dont know whether the measure is correct
  12. Weight Of The 17 Inch Zetec Wheel

    19kg just the rim? or rim & tyre? @martyns i didnt do it...european parts did it....dont know why!
  13. Does anybody know the weight of the standard mk7 zetec s 17 inch wheel?
  14. I was searching B) and i found those: I cant decide really! have you tried any of those?