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  1. Hi, This morning my focus started to hesitate and there was a popping sound coming from the engine which felt like a mis-fire. I was very nearly home when it started. Upon inspection of the second spark plug from the left side of the engine the electrode was completely missing. I've changed the plug with a spare one. Now, the engine is making a loud knocking / tapping sound. Anyone hazard a guess what damage the electrode may have done? Link to video of the noise on youtube: thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Read in other places that some focus have a lifetime filter? Just done my first service on my 2010 focus 2.0 zetec s. All I ve found that resembles a filter is this: If this is the filter anyone know how you get it off or does it not need replacing? Not seen out like this before. Thing that's bothering me is I bought my bits off carpartsforless using my reg and bought a fuel filter that's like any other fuel filter that I ve replaced in the past on my other cars. Thanks
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