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  1. TimST2

    Things I Do Like

    BBC News - Grey is the UK's favourite car colour for the first time http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46906254 Black will always rule in my book, but I approve of their choice of headline photo Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  2. TimST2

    Things I Do Like

    Nice review. I'm not sure about the under-bonnet log (!) though, or the tailpipe - it's not the prettiest thing is it? He's also debadged it [emoji107] - the blue oval would look awesome on that car!
  3. I posted this recently: Not Bristol, but close by...
  4. TimST2

    What's Your Next Car Going To Be?

    Possibly a bit overpriced. According to AutoTrader (based on the reg and actual mileage):
  5. TimST2

    Things I Do Like

  6. TimST2

    Things I Do Like

    Saving £300 over the next year and at the same quadrupling our internet speed by renegotiating the ISA interest rate and upgrading the broadband package to fibre
  7. TimST2

    Things I Don't Like

    Mad skillz.
  8. TimST2

    Things I Don't Like

    All the morons on the roads this evening. My colleague's car that he never washes (was like getting into a dustbin). Vauxhalls.
  9. TimST2

    What's Your Next Car Going To Be?

    [mention=58818]TomsFocus[/mention] I'd say have a good look at the Ecoboost Fiestas. They're cracking little cars with excellent fuel economy and (with the exception of the ST) a really comfy ride. You're clearly a Ford man so why not get something you'll really like (if it's no more expensive)? I loved my Zetec and used to own a Focus too. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  10. TimST2

    Fiesta ST - 6 weeks in

    So another 6 weeks has passed but I thought I'd continue talking about my car on this thread rather than start a new one... On various other threads I've discussed the Mountune MP215 upgrade. My local dealer is a Mountune Pro installer so it's something I've been considering. Most recently I've been thinking that it's just not worth it. An extra 15 bhp on top of the current 200 bhp at overboost for £600... Happy to hear what others think - is the drivability improved enough in addition to the minimal peak power gain to make it worthwhile? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  11. TimST2


    Some mainstream insurers like Admiral will allow declared mods (you might pay a higher premium though) but they won't cover the cost of them in the event of a claim (unless they are factory fitted options). If you're increasing the value of your car significantly you may want to use a specialist that will. I'll defer to others who do for recommendations (my ST is totally stock). Modding and not declaring will of course void your insurance. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  12. Yep, first thing I did when i bought my ST was to remove the 'TrustFord' and '16' stickers. Unfortunately the number plates also have the dealer's name on the black bar underneath otherwise I would have applied my FOC stickers there.
  13. TimST2

    Supagard - advice please

    I don't think I've ever polished any of my cars, but I do apply Aqua Wax after every wash (about once a month). During the Winter I rinse the salt off with the pressure washer between washes too. I think you'd want to polish before applying a ceramic coating though wouldn't you as it locks in the paintwork for several years?
  14. TimST2

    Tyre pressures 205 /40/17

    [mention=97947]STJAY[/mention], I use Ford's recommended 36/26 PSI for the stock 205/40 R17 Bridgestone Potenzas and haven't noticed excessive roll on the road - the stock suspension on the ST seems pretty stiff to me (and we both have the upgraded ST200 setup). Ford may have over-tyred the rear to encourage understeer (as its safer on the road), but I would have hoped that the traction control and torque vectoring would help with that? I've not taken my ST on track so I've not experienced it at the limit, but on track days you would generally aim to counteract the loss of grip due to heat build-up by letting some air out after each session, maintaining close to the road pressures recommended by the manufacturer. For high-speed driving (>100mph), Ford actually suggests 31/29 PSI for the ST, and for track use you'd probably set that 2-4 PSI lower when cold. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  15. TimST2

    Tyre pressures 205 /40/17

    Because it's front engined and all the weight is at the front. The idea is to keep the largest contact patch with the road by not overinflating. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk