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  1. I have an ST-2 - lovely car. £8k seems low to me but I guess it is a 14 plate... Pop the reg into Cazana (https://cazana.com/uk) and see what it says. Mine's still worth around £11k (a 2016 with low miles).
  2. The ST is only £12/month to tax so I'll just leave that I think. I know we probably don't need 2 cars right now, but psychologically I want things to remain as normal as possible throughout. The Caterham has a battery cut-off so it should be fine
  3. £22/month. Might as well save it as it's only takes 5 minutes.
  4. Going to SORN the Caterham this evening until all this ***** blows over. Only driven it 4 times since it was delivered
  5. @CallMeSteven My Fiesta ST was due it's service and MOT with them (a month in advance) next week on a service plan like you. It's clear from their statement that they're only going to deal with NHS and key worker vehicles now. Fortunately I qualify for the 6-month extension. I'm going on the assumption that we'll be back to normal (ish) before the end of October and I'll get it serviced and MOT'd then under the service plan as normal. An email to tell me that my booked service and MOT was cancelled wouldn't have gone amiss though.
  6. Phew! I wonder why from March 30th and not lockdown? Mine was booked in next week a month in advance but it could just as easily have needed doing this month!?
  7. Yes I think that's the case. I'm not a key worker though. We're fortunate to have another car that's just been MOT'd, but some people will only have one car and need to drive to get food...
  8. Easy come, easy go... TrustFord have shut up shop, so unless the government bring in an MOT extension I guess the ST wont be going anywhere for a while in a month's time.
  9. You guys do an amazing job I'm not holding our breath for our August holiday to Spain either...
  10. My car's booked in with Ford for service and MOT in 10 days time... 🤞
  11. I'm assuming you're still working during the week though?
  12. I think everything's cancelled for the forseeable future
  13. Went out panic buying before other shoppers got up this morning - took the Caterham out for a blat up Cheddar Gorge, across the Mendips, down to Wells and bought 2 bottles of rapid detailer from Halfords
  14. Yes I'll try and put a few more run-in miles on the Caterham on Sunday morning. I have to say all this has rather cast a shadow over finally getting it and Spring arriving