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  1. Until last weekend they've always applied the discount for me by hand. However last weekend they actually scanned my card and I got the discount that way.
  2. I've just ordered the Mishimoto one to fit to my ST: https://www.mishimoto.co.uk/ford-fiesta-st-baffled-oil-catch-can-2014.html
  3. Is there a parts list online anywhere where I can look up part numbers and bolt sizes etc? I'd like to replace the bolts that hold the front wheel arch liners on...
  4. While that's true for the Seven, the Elise was my daily for years before it became a track toy. I used to change the discs myself and never saw any issues.
  5. https://www.fiestastoc.com/forums/topic/314257-brake-dust-shield/
  6. They came off easily enough, although one of the lower bolts was quite corroded and threatened to round-off. The rears looked fine so I left those on. For future reference, the part numbers for the front disc guards are C1BC-2K004-AC and C1BC-2K005-AC.
  7. Thanks, that's good to know. I think I'll remove them for now anyway.
  8. Yeah I understand what they're supposedly for, but my Caterham Seven doesn't have them, and nor did my Lotus Elise.
  9. Out of interest, are the disc guards needed? They're quite rusty and I know not all cars have these. I'm quite tempted to remove them...
  10. In case anyone has the same issue, I finally took the wheel off and solved it myself today - it turned out that the disc guard was bent and rubbing on the disc.
  11. I saw a Mustang Bullitt today. Sounded wonderful. I also saw a Vauxhall Nova stranded in the middle of the road missing a wheel. It hadn't been in a crash, I think it had just fallen off
  12. Did you just have the 6 years / 75,000 mile service? ETIS is showing that as a major service, then the 7 years / 87,500 mile service as an interim service, then the 8 years / 100,000 miles service a major service again. That tallies with the Tarnock Ford quoted prices too. Mine's about to go for the 5 year / 62,500 mile service (despite only having 26,000 miles on the clock), then the new service plan will cover the next 3...
  13. Thanks @Zico. I think an Essential Service is the new name for a Motorcraft service isn't it?
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