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  1. Are they that expensive? How much would Ford charge for a pair of OEM units?
  2. Sorry - only just seen this. Not for me, but they look pretty high quality (like most Autobeam stuff).
  3. Sounds similar to mine, which is one of these: https://www.autofinesse.com/en/foam-lance The valve on the top controls the hose-to-bottle mix, and turning the nozzle moves 2 plates together inside to control how wide the spray is.
  4. Not heard of PIR, but for the foams I've used you add about an inch of solution and the rest water to the bottle on the lance.
  5. Snow foam should be applied to a dry car, it'll slide off if you wet the car first. The lance settings (or lance itself) can also affect how well the foam covers and clings to the car.
  6. Do you antagonise or annoy people on here? If you do then I haven't noticed. In fact FOC seems to be missing some of the annoying trends you see on other forums - namely the need to prove the OP wrong at all times, and also to resort to personal attacks when people don't agree. It's actually quite refreshing.
  7. I will, if people like the idea more than continuing with these two threads.
  8. Oh yeah, I don't like other people either (present company excluded of course).
  9. Here's an idea for 2020: Instead of having to decide if random chat falls under Things I do like or Things I don't like, why don't we start a new thread in General Chat called something like What's your status today? to post random thoughts and updates that don't deserve their own thread? What do you think?
  10. I don't like having to go back to work tomorrow.
  11. Given that you can't change your username on this forum (why is that?), I think you need to get another Focus! Seriously though, how much are you looking at spending? I would have thought you'd be able to get something worth looking after even for a modest budget.
  12. I dont think the solution to stop people having personal transport and to force them on to public transport when much of the population dont live or work in places with good transport links. For example, my nearest train station is 10 miles away, and the almost non-existent local bus service doesn't got to where either me or Mrs. TimST2 work. Developing clean transport, both public and personal, is the (combined) solution, and it is happening. In cities a lot of people already choose public transport because it's better. That's the right way for this to happen. Give people the choice between green options so they can choose the one that works for them.
  13. Have a watch of this and see what you think. This guy reckons you can do a whole car in 30 minutes It certainly looks easier than what I do now.