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  1. https://www.brewdog.com/uk/barnard-castle-eye-test 🤣
  2. I washed Mrs. TimST2's Mercedes GLC yesterday too. I think that had probably done less than 30 miles in the last 2 months. So 10 times the amount the ST has covered, but still not enough to warrant snow foam or an interior clean. I'm back running in the Caterham now, and that's probably done about 180 miles since lockdown easing. I'm planning a couple of drives out this weekend early in the morning, so I guess that'll get a wash on Sunday evening. It'll take a bit of a different approach though - no pressure wash and no snow foam given the lack of roof and amount of vents on the bonnet. I'm also looking forward to giving the Gtechniq C2 a try.
  3. Well I lasted 2 months. Despite only driving it about 3 miles in that time, the dust is now unacceptable, so the ST will be getting washed tomorrow evening. No need for snow foam, fallout remover or an interior clean this time though. A quick pressure wash, shampoo and spray wax should do it 👍
  4. That sounds utterly moronic!
  5. My nearest Ford Dealer is reopening on the 18th for servicing. No word from TrustFord still...
  6. You got me looking for stuff on YouTube now. Forgot how much I liked this track:
  7. Naughty, naughty. Very naughty. I was a big Shaman fan as a kid too.
  8. I'm a big REM fan but never owned Green. Been meaning to get it for ages so bought it on Amazon music.
  9. Well if we're going by that metric
  10. Yeah, the MOT expiry only changed online recently as the date approached. I'll be getting mine serviced and MOT'd as soon as restrictions are eased and TrustFord is open again. I want to keep as close to the service schedule as possible and don't want the hassle of having to do them separately in the future.
  11. My Fiesta ST's has as of 2 days ago - it's now due in October. I couldn't really care less about the MOT, it's missing the service that niggles a bit. It's on a service plan with Ford (so already paid for), and I'm normally fastidious about maintaining the service history on my cars. The only saving grace is that although it's going to go longer than a year between services, at least its well down on the mileage interval. Anyone else had their MOT extended yet?
  12. Well I'll just do the same as the hairdresser - 3 at the sides and back, and 6 on top. How hard can it be?
  13. Before my Fiesta ST I had a Fiesta Zetec!
  14. Sorry if I've been a bit negative of late. I too got the Admiral email and that means refunds for both the Merc and the ST I've also just finished work for the week. Working from home is quite intense when trying to juggle family life and have all these endless webcasts. Still, I'm very grateful to be able to work from home, even if I'm really craving the weekends by the end of the week.
  15. People will also remember those companies that have decided to put consumer rights on hold and not offer refunds or returns until this is over. We've been battling with two companies - one refused to let us return or refund faulty items and the other refused to cancel our order for something that wasnt being delivered. The latter is now resolved (after a month they finally contacted their supplier and confirmed that they had no intention of delivering anything), but the former is refusing until the current situation passes. They're both still quite happy to sell you stuff and take your money though
  16. Oh yeah, I forgot, this arrived today: https://www.wahl.co.uk/product/clip-n-rinse-kit-cord-cordless-hair-clipper/ It'll be interesting seeing how easy it is to cut my own hair soon!
  17. We're both working from home, but with two kids who need home schooling, life is very busy during the week. The kids are being great, working from home is fine, and we're getting to eat outside in the garden as a family twice a day at the moment. We're also very lucky living where we do as we can go for hill and river walks from our front door. We've basically got on top of all the little jobs around the house now. We bought paint just before lockdown and still have the spare room to paint on a wet weekend sometime. All that still doesn't stop me feeling uneasy about the current situation though - we're missing all the things we used to like doing out of the house. As a family we used to do a lot. Fingers crossed this lockdown can be eased soon.
  18. Sounds like a good plan. Wet here this morning Forecast for next week is good, but I'm not looking forward to a 5 day week.
  19. I avoided Facebook until this year, but having now signed up I only join groups and like pages rather than having friends. I also have all the privacy setting locked down. So essentially it's like having a load of news and forums in a single place without all the other rubbish or lack of privacy that comes with Facebook.
  20. Thanks for the offer @Zico. Do you mean the red rings that go around the vents in the dash? I won't if that's okay. I'm keeping mine original (apart from the aerial of course). I personally like the standard (with Style Pack) styling a lot. The only thing I do think would look good is a Mountune badge on the back. I keep finding myself revisiting the idea of getting the MP215 kit fitted...
  21. Finished off cleaning the ST this morning with a full interior clean. Even put leather care balm on the seats Next weekend I'll do Mrs. TimST2's Mercedes GLC, although that's a big car so it going to be a bit of a slog
  22. Perhaps the caption should have been: Now which of my Ford engined performance cars do I want to not drive today?
  23. Not sure whether to post this in 'Things I do like' or 'Things I don't like'... Virtual car meet on Facebook tomorrow, so needed to take a photo today to 'bring along'. As its virtual I thought I'd bring both of my cars