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  1. always like it,hot or cold.
  2. What should a ford focus 2006 1.4 petrol idle at, my one idles at 1000rpm.
  3. Finally think this car is fix ,took it back it but was charged another €70, because more then one fault code this time, air flow meter fault apparently, anyway left car on idle 3 times today after collecting for 15 minutes, fault didn't show up, so hope this is the last of it, don't know whether to keep it as spare car or sell on now.
  4. Actually properly is most of the time, didn't know that, well that explains it. thanks
  5. Just one of many problems with this ford focus i have, can anyone tell me when ever i turn fan on the air con comes on automaticly, cold or hot setting, always have to turn it off, not that it works anyway doesn't blow out cold air .
  6. As i said wouldn't con anyone, if i sell the buyer will know what they are getting into, as you say i cant lose on the car, even if i sell for €200 i still make €100 profit ,one thing i noticed tonight while parked up and left to idle,car idling at 1000 rpm, put heater fan on then idles at 800rpm turn fan off back to 1000rpm, fan on/off goes from 1000 to 800? anyone know why this would happen?
  7. The argument for the insurance company because of high claims payouts in Ireland, a young driver buys old car for €500 takes out insurance then crashes car in to wall with passenger in car ,passenger then puts in claim for injuries gets paid out the splits it with driver, supposedly this was happening, so refuse insurance for cars over 10/15yrs old, now i have the car 8 yrs, never made a claim ,clean licence,driving 30 yrs, then one day i decide to go and crash my car in to a wall, tar everyone with same brush, its all a big con really , insurance company's can do what they like, surprise i
  8. One good thing about this focus it was given to me for nothing because if i paid for it i would be pis...off, well im pis.. off anyway,so took car back yesterday, he done same fix again dash out resolder, he said 99% of the time this will fix it, if not it could be accelerator pedal ? , drove from work tonight, let it idle for 6 mins same fault kick in again😡!, so now it goes back for a third time,think ill just sell it on, but i wouldn't sell it without letting the buyer know about the fault, because you easily could because you have to leave it 6 to 10 minutes for fault to kick in, not m
  9. i have a 98 Astra as well as a 2006 focus, had the Astra 9 yrs ,dont want to let it go ,so what ever it needs at mot/nct it will get it, but in Ireland the insurance industrie is killing the market to keep old cars ,some will not quote cars over 10years old , most wont quote over 15 yrs old ,if you do manage to get a quote it will be a ridiculous amount, alot of good old cars being scrapped with nct/mot because of it, is this happening in Uk yet?
  10. Short lived, same fault came back tonight.☹️
  11. update, took car on in for dagnostics, now fixed €100, turned out to be instrument cluster, taken out ,resolder ,reprogrammed, left running twice now for 10 minutes since collected, no fault occurred, thought €100 (£87) wasn't to bad for what he had to do.
  12. It was one those Ebay cheap ones but it has pulled codes from other cars before without a problem.
  13. Friend put a code reader on it (a cheap one) no fault codes logged even though the fault occur whiles doing it. maybe need for more specialist equipment.
  14. Does a ford focus 2006 1.4 petrol have a EGR valve ?
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