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  1. Should i just put a 20amp fuse in this? Or will 5 amp be ok?
  2. Thanks for the help guys. Sorry i didnt realise anyone replied, i was waiting on email notifications. Ive routed both the front and rear cameras this morning and just plugged them into the 12v (cig) aux point to set them up. Is this a permanent live or is it on a timer? I have read somewhere it is on a 75 minute timer. Not come accross a permanent live one before. Thanks for the switched live infomation. Any suggestions on a permanent live? the magic box needs switched and permanent. I have a multimeter but im really not electrically minded at all and dont want to ***** something up
  3. Hi and thanks in advance. I am going to install a blackvue 750 2ch dash cam to missus 67 plate fiesta titanium. Can any one recommend which fuses i should piggy back off? I am more than confident in doing the job. I'm just a little unsure about what fuses are best. I need a switched live and permanent live due to having the blackvue magicbox pro. She has the moonroof, heated seats, wing mirrors Are the fuses in this car mini or micro? Sorry I am at work and trying to order everything for weekend. Thanks again.
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