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  1. Well I eventually got the headlight unit, Mr Ford doesnt really intend you to be getting them out does he?!!!! Unfortunately I broke one of the plastic tag anchoring points, doh - what sort of material is it ? and whats best type of adhesive to use?
  2. Thats just what I was frightened of doing............ Im fitting LED upgrade !
  3. Thanks Guy - I'll give it a good wobble tomorrow !!
  4. Thanks DG97 - I'll persist a bit longer!!! is it possible to change the dipped beam without removing the full unit?? or do you have to be a contortionist?!!
  5. Thanks DG97 - I'll persist a bit longer!!! is it possible to change the dipped beam without removing the full unit?? or do you have to be a contortionist?!!
  6. After removing the two T30 screws and the body fastener, can anybody tell me how you get the unit out?????? Ive tried many many times and it just wont come out............. Im sure theres a way, theres got to be .............can anybody help!!
  7. CEUK are about to bring to the market some LED for dipped headlights for the Mk8 ST Line - Ive just got the same from Autobeam to fit to my own ST Line, the feedback appeared to be good......... However, does any body know how to get the headlight unit (after removing the 2 screws and body fastener!) out ???? if they were as easy as the vids for Mk7/7.5 then great, but the Mk8 is a ***** nightmare
  8. Thanks for that DG97 - I was looking in the right place then!! sometimes you almost have to be a contortionist to get to some places !!
  9. The rear light cluster is in two parts, the inner part which is in the boot lid is easy to get to and remove - but what of the outer part which is on the main body shell, how do you get to remove???
  10. Best position, and the legal position is to the left of your rear view mirror, and out of what they call the A zone, this should also be stated in the fitting instructions!! - You have no need to be looking at the screen of the dashcam until an 'incident' is recorded!!
  11. Climair for me - when you fit them do not operate windows for at least 12 hours, as according to their instruction !!
  12. Does anybody know the gap setting for spark plugs on 2018 Mk8 125 Fiesta ST Line ???
  13. Yes at first sight they do seem far to big to fit, they do take some bending for them to fit properly - just have the courage of your convictions, they will go in!! Also ensure you keep those windows closed a minimum of 24 hours, otherwise you will have problems with the bounce back feature! I occasionally spray some GT85 into the where the windows run.
  14. Snapper54

    Sync 3

    Dave Your earlier post stated you expect to take delivery of your new Fiesta in March - rest assured it will have the latest (F8) mapping that also includes speed camera location, it now gives an audible 'caution' about 400 yards before (in your direction of travel) the static camera - the satnav update now also accepts Latitude-Longitude coordinates, and I can defo confirm they work!!!