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  1. Hi all, I am having such a strange issue with our car. The stop start wasn’t kicking in (after a long enough journey), which we thought odd. We stopped at some traffic lights and the engine just died completely. It had three fault codes - fuel pressure sensor, clutch position sensor and throttle sensor. After wiping the codes at the garage it started and ran fine for a long time and didn’t seem to need a repair. The breakdown guy said he would start with then fuel one, so we decided to do it anyway as we had had the same issue 3,000 miles away but it just started working one day. It was fitted and all was fine, then as we were about to drive off it did it again! Has anyone had this? Or have any ideas? Is the stop start an issue? Thanks
  2. Hi all, Im having problems still with coolant levels dropping. Today I checked the fluid in the reservoir while revving the engine, it caused the coolant to bubble violently inside the reservoir (I didn’t open it). It’s like it’s being thrown up everywhere in the tank. Is this just flow or Does this mean my head gasket is dying its a 63 plate fiesta ecoboost with 50,000 miles on the clock. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I’m still trying to get to the bottom of the issues with my car (fiesta 63 plate ecoboost). I noticed this morning is sounded like a diesel on start up, I thought it was the exhaust but after a few mins it went away and sounded smooth and quiet. Anyone come across this before?
  4. Thank you 🙂, I’ll keep a close eye on it hopefully it will show up soon. She really doesn’t want to play ball though. All the faults are back again! Cylinder misfires the lot, but she runs smooth. codes are: P02co P0311 P0312 P0408 P0583 P10c4 P10c5 P1184 P1365,64,61 P1980 P2001,11 let me know if you guys have any ideas, it’s driving me insane
  5. Ok thanks, I’ll give that a good looking over. Hopefully if it is that it’s not down any damage yet.
  6. Hi all, I posted a few days ago about my 63 plate Ecoboost not starting. 30 faults in total kept wiping them same happened again. A few days later it started fine and there has been no issues since. Electrician thinks water got in somewhere as it happened in a really bad storm. He has sealed up all the connections. Since getting back though I’ve given it a once over and noticed my coolant is low. I topped in up about 6 months or more ago. But it’s definitely dropped. I’ve checked the radiator - no bubbling. No obvious head gasket signs. I can’t see any signs of coolant leaks either. It’s done 50k and it was bought at 23k, that’s over 2 years. I’ve definitely topped it up in that time at least once. Does anyone know of any common problems this model has?
  7. They are calling in an auto electrician who traces fault codes back, because there are so many and they don’t relate to each other. He will be taking a look on Monday, I’m just dreading it’s the ECU that could have failed?
  8. Hi everyone, I am new here so I apologise if this is posted in the wrong place. I am after some advice on ecu errors for my 2013 ecoboost please. Yesterday I was driving along no issues what so ever, then suddenly car just coughs a few times and comes to a complete stop. Engine malfunction popped up and service now, then went completely dead except for the electronics, engine will not start at all. I disconnected the battery to reset it all and nothing. Took it to the garage today and there were tons of ecu errors all unrelated. They wiped them and the car started fine, only cut out again minutes later, so they wiped it again and it would not start at all. Has anyone experienced this? Or have an idea of what it could be? Thanks