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  1. Hi is there anyone from NI who can unlock dash features on the mondeo ?
  2. Hi Does anyone know of anyone in NI who can modify the dash on the mondeo?
  3. Just an update, got the car back from the dealer, issue was a small module that controls voltage to the glow plugs should drop voltage from 12v down to 5v, it wasn't doing this so a new module fitted and it's sorted. Delaer didn't charge for this. just a quick one on the oil life display, should it not display a percentage figure ??? cos mine doesn't, don't get it.
  4. I hope so made love the motor, but service chap agreed no cost to put right as it only occurred after update so they are going to strip glow plugs Monday.
  5. Mmm yea that's one view, but it's been fine and drove in this has only appeared after they did the update, but it's not gonna cost me anything to sort thank god. im guessing the yellow spanner is an error light of some kind as there is also the yellow engine light which is fine and not lighting up.
  6. Hello everyone, hoping someone has had experience of some kind here only had my mondeo titanium x sport 2016 for a month so booked into my local ford for service, so service all went well no problems. they told me it needed a software update but called me after doing this saying it was throwing up a management light on dash, and code read was cylinder 1 glow plug. the light on dash is the yellow spanner light by the mileage reading. car is driving fine no issues. but they are having it back Monday to sort this. im just hoping they do!!