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  1. Rick65

    MK8 Bluefin

    Had Bluefin on mine nearly a year now, 7500 miles not missed a beat. Third car that I've used Bluefin on and never had a problem.
  2. Rick65

    MK8 Bluefin

    Removed the map before service, nothing mentioned by Ford when I picked the car up. The original map is stored on the handset once you have installed the bluefin map.so just a case of plugging into obd port and swapping it back,easy to follow instructions on the bluefin display. It’s that easy just plug and play.
  3. Rick65

    MK8 Bluefin

    Had bluefin on my 140ps st line x since Christmas last year. would highly recommend it,no negatives that I have come across. Fuel consumption is about the same as before but the car is a lot more responsive to my right foot. Had car in Ford yesterday for 1st service, removed map night before and reinstalled after with no problems, apart from the £250 bill (ouch) Superchips are a great company to deal with, had bluefin on my last car had a problem and was easily resolved with an e-mail
  4. 2017, nearly 19 months old ST Line X 140 7400 miles on clock. Not missed a beat since I've had it. Bluefin fitted since just before Christmas, totally transforms the car
  5. first thing I checked when I bought mine 😊
  6. hopefully someone nearer to Bolton can sort you out, but I don't mind the drive over as its not too far, just let me know
  7. Not in Bolton but its only about an hour away from my humble abode In Dewsbury. Don't mind driving over for you but would not be till Saturday due to work,Let me know if you get a better offer or drop me a pm and we can sort something out
  8. 2 years old/ 18000 miles, according to the service portfolio
  9. Hi mate interested in the footwell lights,will try to drop you a pm