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  1. I think they look for play in the steering it's not really bad but there is a little movement fingers crossed
  2. It's not bad But on another note I think my driver's side track rod end is knocking Hopefully it will pass the mot next month and I can get it done after only just had all the tracking sorted as well
  3. My low mileage 56 plate 1.8 tdci always felt jerky even when trying to drive smoothly I thought it was a bad gear box mount or it was because the diesel is a old design and very crude engine ? However after having my clocks re soldier it has felt much smoother and far better to drive Does your jerkyness get more noticeable in the summer or hot days ?
  4. Don't go mad with the degreaser just maybe one spray at the start as the gunk is quite sticky I used a long flat head drag it out and wipe it on a rag you can't see in so take pics as you go and you will see how much you are removing When you have removed the big bits use a microfiber cloth and a bit of spray to get the rest Don't push it back into the manifold as can cause serious problems with the turbo Also don't forget to take off the battery for a while for the ECU resets Good luck
  5. Best is to remove the manifold and give it all a good clean but I think getting it off is a real pain I used some degreaser and a flat head to drag most of it out and a rag just be very careful not to push it into the manifold or could cause serious problems Also when finished tack off the battery for a while to reset the ECU
  6. It's the pipe that is under the letter E if that helps the EGR is next to it that is where you want to get a pic
  7. If you remove the engine cover it's the pipe that looks like a L shape at the back of the engine that goes into your egr I'm not being rude but if you don't no where the pipe is and or the egr I think you would be better of going to a professional to fix your car
  8. No not loud but you should be able to hear it in the car when you turn the key off directly after tap tap tap tap tap as the valve opens and closes if not it will probably be stuck You can take the back of the egr and manual tern the flap You should get a pic of the inlet manifold remove the elbow pipe and take a picture what is the mileage ?
  9. You may have a air lock or a problem with your head or pump or gasket or sensor or thermostat ? Definitely not normal
  10. I disagree my focus takes ages to get up to temperature and moves up slowly Also the temperature gauge is fairly accurate as I have a blue tooth ap and tracks with the gauge
  11. Look when the clusters play up they are intermittent and to the eye look ok you are checking everything and ignoring the elephant in the room the clocks they are a common problem with Mk2 mk2.5 not the ECU lots and lots of people have had very similar problems and resolved them very easily and quickly having the resolder job on the back of the pins ? If you can soldier re do them and that will most likely fix your friends car very simple and easy job 30 minutes instead of the many hours messing around with ECU wire ?
  12. Do you not see my post's ? I have tried to help you and you just ignored my help ? At least have the respect to respond to my efforts to try to fix your problem it really is very rude
  13. Can you hear the egr flap flapping when you switch off the engine should do it about 4 -5 times if not it may be stuck