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  1. Looks like a nice little car shame if you have to get rid would look good on a set of st wheels and a TCR front splitter
  2. It was one of the first thing I did when I got the car was to blank the egr just had a look at your build and yours was bad to must be a ford thing
  3. My panther black paint is in desperate need of a machine polish Like you have done on yours black paint looks great when clean but gets dirty so quickly You should get some colour coded Handel's they are nice little upgrade
  4. Can anyone tell me what the standard boost pressure should be on 1.8 tdci also what the maximum safe pressure it can be raised to thanks
  5. Yes it was pretty bad lots of short journeys and no egr blank I was surprised how bad it was with the low mileage I had a golf TDI with double the mileage it was not anything like the focus but I did used to blow the cobwebs out regularly ! The focus only has one previous owner the father in-law and he didn't drive it very hard
  6. I have to apologize for my spelling errors I'm dyslexic and find it a real Paine and have to rely on predicted text so I may make mistakes sorry
  7. So after the cleaning the car feels smoother on tic over more responsive on initial take off and less smokey on first start up And I'm hoping for more mpg we will see
  8. I was as careful as I could to pull the oily crud out and not in It's not perfect but it is a lot better This is why you should blank your egr to stop this from choking your diesel engine Which this car now has
  9. So I started to give it a clean now I know ideally you should take the inlet manifold off and clean it all out but I didn't want to go that far so I did as best I could with a flat head screwdriver I know I know
  10. So while I had the pipe off I thought I'd take a look at the inlet manifold 😲 it was bad very bad
  11. With the focus on about 47000 miles and 13 years old she doesn't feel very quick so today I thought I would check my boost pipes for leek's so I pulled the the one going to the inlet manifold and egr I could not find any splits but the one pipe had what looks like grease all behind it ? Any ideas about this
  12. Wow I've been on a lot of forums in my time but I think your thread is the longest I've ever seen your car looks great and it's a shame you are loosing the st rim's they really set the car off lots of time and effort put into your focus
  13. Sadly it's 1.8 tdci but thanks for the heads up I'll have a look at this There doesn't seem a lot of tuning options for the 1.8 I have a Ron box and a Ramair intake that gives a nice Choo Choo noise I'd like a decent turbo down pipe as the ford one looks very restricted it's in a s shape remap and larger intercooler but I also need to get saving as always