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  1. Ford Fiesta MK6

    Hi i will be getting a Ford Fiesta MK6 next year to replace my Rover 25. Is there any common problems yous guys have experienced with Fiestas and also what should i look out for when looking at them. The plan is to get a Fiesta in the summer, prices have already falling down alot so they are affordable but im thinking if i hold off till summer ill get a better car and newer car for the money. Also it would be a prefacelift model i would buy, does anyone know if the Headlights and rear lights from a MK6 facelift will fit it. ? Thanks Guys
  2. I have started this thread out of boredom really. Here it goes. List the year of your car and past Mondeos, what reg it was, what engine it was, what trim level it was and also what bodyshape it was. These are all the Mondeos my dad has owned: 2004 53 reg Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI LX 130 estate 2005 55 reg Ford Mondeo 2.2 TDCI ST 155 estate 2007 07 reg Ford Mondeo 2.2 TDCI ST 155 estate
  3. The seats in my fiesta MK6 dont tilt backwards and forwards to let passengers in the rear of the car. Went to a scrapyard today to try find a car that has these working. How is it i would replace the handle to make it work again ? The actual plastic units on my car are damaged aswell, how do i go about taking them off another car and refitting them ?
  4. Eac Fail ?

    Hi guys bought my 04 plate Zetec 1.4 yesterday and today while parking it it flashed up on the LCD screen where the mileage is "EAC FAIL". What does this mean and what could be causing it ? Thanks
  5. Fiesta Zetec 1.4

    Hi bought a Fiesta today and was wondering how many miles i have left when the fuel light goes on ? Its a 2004 on the 04 plate Zetec 1.4. Thanks
  6. Stolen

    Im so glad you got your car back mate, you will be well chuffed. When i first started reading this thread weeks ago i highly doubted that you would see it again. I guess Santa has been extra kind to you this Christmas.
  7. I have started this thread to get recommedations from the experts and owners or previous owners of the MK6 Ford Fiesta. What were your experiences with the car and also what problems if any did you have with it ?. What engine would you recommend and what is a ideal budget to get a decent one ?. What spec would you recommend aswell ? All views and opinions welcome.
  8. What would you guys recommend

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately being a student i cant afford a MK7 Fiesta but hopefully in the future after the MK6 i willl own one. What would you say is a realistic budget for a MK6, it would probably be a prefacelift i buy as i cant afford a MK6.5 but id modify my car in such a way that it looks the exact same.
  9. My MOT was today...

    Kwik fit are a bunch of useless !Removed! who dont know what they are doing. If you took it to a different garage a smaller one the chances are you would of passed. Kwik fit like to con their customers so id advise never using there services again. There mechnics dont have a clue and only want to make money.
  10. My MOT was today...

    The car is worth less than that
  11. Stolen

    I recently read a article in the newspaper saying that there was a organised gang of thugs who were pretending they had broken down and flagging down other motorists to help them. Dont pull over to help them what they do is threaten you with racial abuse etc and hijack your car. This is mostly happening on the motorways such as the M1 etc. I thought id add this reply so that the people reading this thread were aware of what was happening.
  12. Stolen

    Thats a real shame for you mate. You should install CCTV outside your house because the chances are they are keeping an eye on your cars. It was a really nice car aswell, i bet it has now been cloned or shipped over to a different country. I know theres not much chance of finding them now and getting the car back, best to move on and get CCTV installed. What car are you thinking of buying now ? Id imagine that the Brava thing would be a embarrasment to drive.
  13. Quick Clear Front Screen

    I was just wondering is this standard on all Fiesta MK6s. Thanks guys
  14. Well that's jut peachy!

    Great news another saving
  15. Pictures of my car

    Thats a really nice car you have there.
  16. Its a bit crap that, they will probably suffer a decrease in demand. I dont see the point in buying brand new cars because you can get one like 3 months old for £2000 cheaper than buying it new would be. Also it means you are missing out on some of the depreciation. I do see why buying brand new appeals to people but dealers usually have a excellent selection of cars and are able to source you one with the spec, colour etc you want.
  17. Well that's jut peachy!

    Gutted for you man. It happens though, people will not leave details. I take it the area you parked has no CCTV ?. Also just had a thought if it is a car with plastic bumpers why not next time you are at the school, look around the car park for cars with plastic bumpers and you never know you might catch the person that did that to your car.You got any pictures of the damage ?
  18. Hate to say it but its worth bugger all. When i go to auctions and occasionally Sierras go through they usually go for £120. Probably no point in modifying it either, why not jsut run it to the ground then when it dies or some major work needs done scrap it and move on.
  19. Number plates

    Id think it would be fine, just make sure you give the dealer your log book when it arrives. I hate how they charge you a fortune to transfer a private plates.
  20. Today I finally did it....

    Thats just typical kerbing it within a few hours. Hopefully its only a wee scratch which can be removed easily. However, you could be fly and phone the garage tomorrow and say you have noticed today that the alloy is damaged, they should then replace it FOC. What is your favourite thing on the car and what would you change if anything ?
  21. Ford are officially useless!!

    Yeah you done the right thing. They think they can get wide with you because you are young and get let off with it. He should get pulled up about that because at the end of day the point of the company is to make profit and treat all customers with respect. Plus during this economic crisis its essential for them to supply a high standard of service as not as many people are buying there stock. I bet in the next few days you will get a call with the manager saying sorry and all that :L
  22. Ford are officially useless!!

    Thats actually quite a decent deal. How long is the deal for on the car ?. Personally i would not take out a finanace on a car. Id much rather just buy one outright, means i dont have to be looking for a couple of hundred at the end of each month.
  23. Ford are officially useless!!

    Most will be finance deals or the owner has decided to take out a bank loan
  24. evening all

    Theres a bit of a chance it is the older curvy shape one, they started off as N regs so a early one. What i will say about them is they are a absolute racket, well most of them are, you can pick them up for practically nothing.
  25. Today I finally did it....

    A very nice car you decided to go for. Hope it all works out for you and cant wait to see the pictures of it.