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  1. Hi guys does anybody on this forum know of a reliable independent garage with Ford IDS or FRDS diagnostic system in Manchester area.
  2. Technician said clutch slip update could not be deleted on its own.
  3. Hi guys .My car is 2013 focus tit x 1lt ecoboost, and have fitted the electric coolant pump that comes on when engine is switched off.Took it to local ford dealers to have it programmed to P.C.M. and was told it could not be done due to being blocked by software installed on clutch slip software recall a few months ago. The technician said the only way it could be done is to completely wipe the P.C.M. and reprogram every thing back in again but with the risk of wrecking P.C.M. (£1500 for new one).Does anybody on here know anything about this.Any info on this greatly appreciated