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  1. Remove the plastic insert in the luggage compartment to access the first plastic "screw-bolt" - look towards where you would expect a long screw to end to locate, the second will be in the compartment below, you will have to remove the foam insert at the back to access this.
  2. Get some MAF cleaner fluid and give it a good blast. Don't use brake or any other cleaner on it.
  3. Needed in some towns where crooks go for handbags etc on the passenger/back seat. Peak is evening/nights during the period of when the clocks go back and Xmas when cars are stuck in rush hour or shopping traffic. I would recommend as a minimum you do the two click needed to open all doors, that way if someone tries you passenger/back door you can hit the lock button.
  4. I bought the Halfords one ten years ago for my Smax. The electrics have a short blowing the fuse if connected but it will still keep food frozen on a 600 mile trip if I add freezer blocks and keep it closed. Took some frozen duck ***** from London to South Germany, still frozen when we arrived.
  5. Is it not the cornering function - where enabled the fog light will light with indicator when headlamps are on to enhance view on turns.
  6. Best asked in the Facebook SMax Owners group, better still the Mondeo group. Many Mondeo Owners done this upgrade. There is a good Mustang upgrade video on YT to give you an idea of how to do it and the bits needed but not seen any SMax specific. From what I understand you need the Sync 3 hardware (Unit and USB for carplay etc - Sync 2 had SD card Sync has internal storage) and the brackets for the car you're mounting it to. You will need the donor VIN for Ford updates for Sync 3 ver 3.0 (most upgrades on the Mondeo Facebook group are getting side loading version 3.4 and bypassing Ford all together, a further upgrade to firmware gives radio logos and video). I am happy with mine (Sync 3 v 3.0) as is because I mainly use Apple CarPlay and the Nav maps, which are free downloads, are the latest, F9.
  7. The recent update was for the Maps, latest is F9. Check the software versions in SYNC 3 settings.
  8. I think you'll find the tiny file gets your unit to create a log file which you upload to the Ford site to confirm which files to prepare for you, did you upload the log file to Ford to confirm the last update? I find when my updates complete the log file isn't saved to the USB, to overcome this I just reinsert the USB it starts the update, realises it already there so produces the log file.
  9. I see Roadworks and incidents when my phone is connected via Bluetooth but connecting via USB initiates Apple Car Play use Waze, which is my default Nav. FordPass App must be connecting somehow as it updates mileage and fuel gauge when using Car Play. Not sure how I got the three years live data. I know when I first registered for FordPass, it took me to Ford US but as all the car detail was correct I enabled live data. I later registered via Ford UK Owners site, which shows it's expires 3/2023, I bought my 16 Smax in March this year.
  10. My Ford Owners account online shows my live traffic expires March 2023
  11. Try the facebook group, breakers abound on there
  12. There should be lights under the front seats that shine into the rear foot-well. Mine's a 2016 Tit. You can see if these work in daylight, not sure of there are any others, can do an overnight look if required.
  13. brains_t


    What is the shape on the flip side?
  14. No, I have heard on MK2 they are a unit that will warp over time due to the engine heat, so only effective at speed. You should be able to have them changed under warranty if they are missing the screen