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  1. Morning Luke, got everything working, the SD reader was duff. The only think I’ve found not working only by chance someone ringing me is the phone, it’s paired ok I can play my music through I can dial with hands free but when it dials there’s no sound and you can’t speak or hear the other person. Not a massive problem don’t really use the phone in the car but I will bug me. Any ideas
  2. Hi Luke, just to let you know got everything working, the SD reader is broke so I’ve ordered another. thanks for your help
  3. nothing at all. i'm calling in at my dads on the way home he has a focus with nav i'm going to try his card and see what happens.
  4. Hi Luke, sorry for what seems silly questions but i've come this far it's not going to beat me. just to recap the plug from the back of the original screen (sync 1)needs to be wired into pin 4 and a wire joined onto 7 of the new button panel. as you can see from the pic i've updated the nav and unlocked it, but the SD Card does not even register, but SD reader works. thanks Nigel
  5. Hi Luke yep I’ve done the pin 4 and pin 7, I’ll re check. As for the sat nav it’s now updated and unlocked.
  6. Some help needed. ive done the swap from sync 1 to 2 everything seems fine all works apart from the button controls for the radio the hazard button works but that’s it, I’m not sure whether I’ve not done something or it’s broke and also I’ve got an f7 Sd Carr from eBay but the sat nav don’t recognise it and won’t read it. And help greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi Luke, ive installed everything and all looks good apart from I don’t have sat nav just as the attached pic, any ideas
  8. Hi can anyone help just wiring my sync 2 in done all the wires but can’t find the 2 wires that come from the gpsm
  9. Hi Luke just about to start cutting some wires just wanted to double check this is plug to the SD reader, these are the media hub pins I’m reconnecting.
  10. Hi Luke, sorry for what might be silly questions, thanks for the note about the usb socket I realised after it’s power run, I’ve just looked under the mirror and I have a unit that ends in BB can I just replace this with GPSM module or will I loose something else.
  11. Ok makes sense,is the black the main one and the grey a piggy back one, only I’ve tried the usb on the reader and it don’t work, but if I disconnect it from the reader and plug a cable straight into it, it works
  12. Hi Luke got a question for you, I’m just about to change my sync 1 for a sync 2. I’ve got the Sd reader and loom and put that in place only thing I’m not sure about is the two usb connectors one grey one black , ive connected the black to the original one where dose the grey one plug. thanks nigel
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