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  1. Buying a MK7 body kit

    Are the body kits available for the 5 door now?
  2. Low Mpg On 1.6Tdci?

    To me my wife's fiesta is doing poorer on fuel than i expected. Her main driving is the school run and driving to and from work (about 20 miles round trip). She is averaging about 40 - 44mpg, and not much higher on a run. Which to me is somewhat dissapointing and my Mondeo estate acheives not far off the Fiestas consumption. I was expecting it to get at least 50mpg on average. Are we expecting to much? Or should i take it back to the dealers? My friends daughter has just bought a 1.6TDCi and took it back to the dealers for poor fuel consumption, for which they did a software update. Can anyone shed any light on the latest updates and from when these take effect?
  3. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    cant believe how difficult it is proving to retrofit this. Anyway for people who are interested in a "factory fit look" to bluetooth and the added bonus of satnav built into their car. I stumbled across these on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2-Din-DVD-GPS-Player...=item3ca6b8204d Looks a smart bit of kit, a bit pricey mind but you are getting bluetooth, usb, ipod and the bonus of colour sat nav
  4. Wing mirror

    I noticed the blindspot mirror on the wrong side of my wife's 59 plate titanium. I complained to Ford customer relations about it and basically told me tough. A month later i was in the dealers and noticed that Ford had now put them on the correct side(drivers). So i had a moan at the salesman who sold us the car and he thought it was totally ridiculous why Ford had put the blindspot mirror on the wrong side. The salesman was really helpful and chased the issue through the service dept. They ordered and fitted a new drivers side wing mirror glass with the blindspot mirror on under a warranty claim. Its not right so complain to your dealer.
  5. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Well if Steve Dark's retrofit comes in the end to fruition, then i just thought i'd let you know that there is a market out there for you old bluetooth modules. I have just sold the old module from my mondeo on Ebay for £85 :D
  6. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    My wife's 1.6 tdci is showing about 41 mpg on the computer. Which i think is a bit low. I would of expected closer to 50mpg
  7. Members Rides

    Here,s the lady wife's: She absolutely loves the car and wont let me drive it :( . Except she lets me clean it and get the alloys refurbed What is it with women, alloy wheels, and their attraction to kerbs???
  8. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Well sorry to rub a bit of salt into the usb wounds. But been out this afternoon and retrofitted my mondeo with usb. Very straight forward, and was all just plug and play. Now shows on the Blaupunkt and Converse+ "usb", "Ipod", "Bluetooth"(for audio streaming), "Line in" :D Now for sale is my old USB module.
  9. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    The retrofit should be just plug and play. The mondeo/s-max usb retrofit is well documented as just a plug and play installation. I cant see any difference between them and the Fiesta's. Im just really glad we ordered the wife's with usb to save the expense and the hassle. But why USB, along with bluetooth cant be a standard feature on any car i dont know
  10. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Steve. This must be sooo frustrating for you. So close to success, yet something keeps throwing up obsticles.
  11. Ford MK7 Roofbars

    Tyrefryer, I see you had slotted screws that hold the roofblanking plates in place when the roofbars are removed. Can you tell me are these plastic screws? The reason for asking is i have had a right game about these with my dealer, as they lost the screws when my wife took delivery of her fiesta. So the roofbars had to stay on until the dealer found them. we got the screws a week later, but they were parkerised cap head screws, which, after 3 weeks went rusty. Over a month later my dealer found some alternative stainless steel screws that seem to do the job. But not before i threatened them with the sale and supply of goods act. But on a whole i agree with you about the general quality of the bars, they are solid
  12. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Sorry Steve i think you misunderstood me. I was refering to the fact that if Bigjock wanted to go down the route of installing the factory fit bluetooth/ voice control, then it could be a costly option for him to replace his head unit, centre console, and all the bluetooth/vc parts. Was not refering to your perseverence (hat off to you for that). The thing is, whatever car you drive, the forums are a valueble source of information. Where people can pool their knowlege together and help sort problems :D And i had a phonecall from the dealers this morning to tell me my parts for my mondeo were in to do the USB retrofit. So thats a job i will be tackling at the weekend.
  13. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Hmmm could be costly then for the factory fit option. With possibly a new head unit and centre console section. Without talking to the dealers first, who would probably be less knowledgable than us, as you have found Steve. then the other option is either the Parrot or IO Play route.
  14. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    The cabling should be the same bluetooth or not. The wiring harness should be standard across the board. Just the fact there is no bluetooth module plugged in. Im not sure what effect the multifuntion display has though as this is different with bluetooth/VC/USB option.
  15. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Steve Glad to hear nearly your usb nearly sorted. Whats the dealer charging you? An hours labour for a session on the IDS? Whilst its on, see if they can update the firmware for the new module so it adds more phone compatibility. You've paid for the time.