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  1. I'll stop looking now then 😳 Thanks!!
  2. Further to this one...my friendly MOT tester told me how wonderful the car was as he moved from brake test to emissions and then spent 15 minutes scratching his head as he could not understand why the high rev emissions were SO far out of spec. Anyway, he eventually fooled the machine into giving acceptable figures and gave me the ticket but that was the final confirmation that the cat was kaput. ☹️ I invested in a new one from BM catalysts and fitted it a few weeks ago. Only iffy bit about doing the change on ramps on my driveway was that there was absolutely no way at all that the nuts/studs connecting the back end of the catalyst/downpipe to the exhaust were ever going to be undone by me laying on my back. Rusted to buggery and originally installed such that the nuts sit on the car side of the exhaust (ie accessible from above not below) 😥 rather than on the bottom side where I might have been able to get heat and more force to undo them. Back to my mechanic/MOT guy and up on the garage lift so that between us we eventually managed to use a low profile disc cutter to hack off the studs/nuts. Then returned home to complete the replacement and all is now well. Only 'issue' being a minor rattle likely caused by a loose heatshield - due to cross-threaded (and then sheared) bolt. Leaving that for another day to see if the remains can be extracted.
  3. 14 plate 1.0 Ecoboost Titanium X. Just changed filters and oil and thought it would be prudent to reset service interval indicator. Google and Youtube suggested ignition on, then depress brake and accelerator pedals for 20s and service reset message would come up on dash but nothing doing on mine. Is there another method that I'm missing or does this vintage/model not have a service due indicator on it? Many thanks for any info.
  4. Got the Tunnelrat ELM327 cable...and then found that my rarely used laptop has lost the ability to hold a charge 😠 Am either going to borrow a laptop or will use this one with an extension lead from house. Any further thoughts? Especially as to whether a cat change is a sensible DIY project on this car. Cheers!
  5. Good evening all, Happy owner of 14 plate, 100PS 1.0 Ecoboost car. I am, since about 6 months ago, the second owner and the car has done 66k miles. About 1 month ago it threw up an Engine Management Light with no noticeable symptoms. Code read as P0420. Reset with no remedial action taken other than filling up with Shell V-power and giving it for a good long, spirited run. All remained fine for another 3+ weeks (about 250-300 miles only) before EML popped back up. Same code showing P-0420. Sadly, I have only a basic code reader so cannot monitor real time 02 sensor values. So, now a few questions.... 1) @ 66k miles is it reasonable to expect the catalyst to have 'died'? Of course, I have no knowledge of any misfires, overfuelling problems or similar that could have 'killed' it under previous ownership. 2) Would I likely be wasting my time replacing O2 sensor(s) or should I just bite the bullet and get a cat? 3) Thoughts on replacement cats...OEM @ Ford main dealer prices...gulp or (hopefully) any good steers on recommended suppliers of suitable aftermarket replacements? 4) And finally, shamefully I've not yet even had a look underneath the thing 😚 Is cat replacement a sensible DIY project on this vehicle or am I better off paying a 'proper' mechanic to do this? Many thanks for reading, grateful for any inputs. Cheers!
  6. Hi all, New member here having acquired my first Ford for a while. It's a 14 plate Focus Titanium X with a 1.0 EcoBoost @ 100PS. Only bought it a few months ago and so far it has more than lived up to expectations. It's a perfectly refined drive and I remain nothing but impressed as to how the boffins have managed to fashion a tiny little 3 cylinder that is so driveable. I will consider a remap in the future but for now the 100PS is fine for me and 'she who must be obeyed' (who does get most of the wheel time in the Focus sadly). I'm living in Wigan currently. Cheers!