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  1. Hi, I've had my 2011 galaxy for a few weeks and now notice how heavy my door handles are to pull to open all of the doors (exc boot). Is this normal or do I need to be greasing it somewhere? It has got to the point my wife is having to pull the handle with both handle to open the doors!
  2. Hi, I've had my galaxy for a month now (2011 2.0tdci) and every time I start the car I get a long single beep notice plus a graphic on the display of the car with a box next to it with a red line at the top, what does the graphic mean. I'm not sure what warning the car is trying to tell me?
  3. So do you press the start button but without putting your foot on the brake, does this pre start the glow plugs or something?
  4. Only other thing does recently is I've had a new cambelt and water pump on. But no general starting issues (only when really cold the other morning) and nothing rough about the engine in general?
  5. Yes, battery only changed last week. I've never seen a message about start pending, the other day when it was -2 degrees when I tried to start the car as soon as I pushed the start button (mine is a diesel automatic) it tried to start from the off, but didn't actually until the 4th start button press
  6. Hi, been struggling to start my 2.0 diesel Galaxy over the past few days as it's got colder. Local garage thinks I may need to let the glow plugs heat up for a few seconds more before starting the car. Question is how do I do that with a push button start, as the car been just starting itself when I push the start button?
  7. Thanks. I've got 4 Michelin's on the car, all with between 5 and 6mm, pressures are all fine. I've also checked the fluid level which is also fine. Driving it yesterday I had a purpose drive to check out the issues. When cold the steering is stiff , but after about 3 mins get looser BUT also noticed there is a sticking point when just about to turn the wheel right from centre (not all the way right say turning the wheel between 1 and 2 o'clock). At this point it's very stiff and I have to force it and it overcomes the resistance but then returns when I turn the wheel back the other way. This continued for a good 25 mins. Then on my return journey (warmer temperature outside of that makes a difference), driving home after 10 mins this resistance had gone. Hope someone has an idea what this is?
  8. Hi, I've just purchased a 2011 Galaxy 2.0 diesel with 200k miles used. Didn't notice on the test drive, but when the car has been left over night, when you drive the next morning the steering is extremely stiff to turn, when you move the wheel can feel resistance. This lasts for about 3 mins, to which this goes away. Also noticed that in normal driving, the steering can at a time feel twitchy on occasion. Any guidance or experience on this please. The wife is starting to lose confidence in the car already and only had it a week ...
  9. Hi, I've just bought a used Ford Galaxy 2011 and have found out that the Powershift diesel automatic gearbox needs a specialist service with the oil and filter. Apart from the local ford main dealers, can anyone recommend anyone local to South Yorkshire (prefer Sheffield/Rotherham) to have this done and at what cost? Thanks.