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  1. just thought i would post a few pics of my new ford logo badges...as my car is "ruby red", i though these red/black logo's would be a better match..i am not disappointed. they look awesome!..i am over the moon with them..they are overlays.☺️...mine is a MK2...the MK1 badges are smaller.
  2. thanks Clive....so its just a case of sticking these over the top of the old ones..i dont suppose ford do the whole units for front and back?. and if they do, they will probably charge the earth for them as well. cheers Clive👍
  3. hi team...further to my post above..i was just trawling the internet and i saw some overlays?, for front and back logo's, steering wheel and wheel-centres in the red/black for the kuga...ideally i would want to remove just the blue/silver logos first and replace them with these new logos leaving the surrounds, (where applicable), in place, rather than sticking them over the top of the old ones...using heat to remove and replace the logos...i dont want to do anything to them until i have asked your advice....would it be possible to do this?
  4. hi all...got a ruby red kuga 2015..i am looking at new front and rear plastic ford badges for it...as it is red, i like the idea of matching red badges..i know there are lots of variations of the red badge,( red/black, black/red/chrome etc), and i am open to suggestions, help/advice etc, as to where i could get a couple of these badges..would make a nice accessory on an already nice car. cheers guys
  5. thanks Tom, much appreciated👍
  6. "KD"...thanks very much Ian, i appreciate it...👍
  7. below is the VIN plate..could anybody tell me the, "actual physical paint code no'", out of all this gobbledeegook!....is it DM2? cheers guys
  8. no TomsFocus, not there..i have looked everywhere...why do car manufacturers make it so difficult to locate the paint code. they are hidden on all cars for some stupid reason, especially Fords...i have never been able to locate the paint code on any of the Fords i have owned, managed to find it on other makes of car i have had, but never on a ford...its very frustrating.🤬
  9. thanks G_O_L_D....no, no joy...i think i am gonna have to phone ford themselves, dont really want to, because going by recent experience, there not very reliable when it comes to replying to ones query. thanks anyway my friend👍
  10. hi guys...can anyone tell me where i can find the paint code for my 2015 ford kuga titanium please?....why dont car manufacturers put it in the same place so its easy to find, on all makes and models of car, rather than having to check every nook and cranny on the car to find it, and why is it not clearly marked, if and when you do find it?. my car is a deep red, i think it is called "ruby red"?. cheers team🤔
  11. hi guys...i am looking at changing my plain-Jane kuga for the "titanium" model..i am wondering whether anybody knows where i can get chrome lettering for the exterior,at a decent price?...one would have thought that ford would have put the chromed" titanium" word on the outside, dont you think?. cheers team
  12. cheers Luke...i guess i am just old fashioned...i would not know where to start with all these alternative in-car music options😄
  13. hi all...i joined this forum about a week ago, i had one "hello"...its seems like this site is deserted...is anybody here?
  14. he fellow kuga-lovers....i have recently bought a 2015 kuga tdci 2L....i am looking at sourcing some additional bits for it,(if they are available, or compatible with this model)...i am looking for an "auto-tint" rear view mirror. as i work nights, i do most of my driving at night..i would rather have the mirror tint automatically than manually, with the lever under the mirror. does ford do a "CD multichanger" option for this model, it just has a single CD facility at the moment?. finally, i have just got a new sliding boot cover for the car and noticed that there is no flexible "flap", at the back of the unit with the clips that attach to the rear headrest bars?..as you know, the rear seats can recline, the gap is about 6 inches to allow for this..all the cars i have had with a boot cover, have this flap on the back to cover the gap...the cover covers one half of the boot contents, but not the other, a bit pointless really. any help/advice would be much appreciated. cheers guys 😊
  15. cool...just found one on eBay MK 2..2013 - 2016 models, mines a 2015...£68 + £6 p+p....used, but looks in great shape..i think that's a pretty good price 😊