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  1. I had it sorted on Friday…. My mobile mechanic put it on diagnostics…no fault codes where detected…he just reset it and it has been working fine ever since.
  2. Having my mobile mechanic coming round tomorrow to run a diagnostic on fault codes on the folding mirror door control, to solve this issue….looks like the module I was advised to buy, is of no use. Apparently my car, a MK5 does not use this component, it is for a MK3..no wonder I could not find it on my car here…time and money wasted. Will see if I can return it for a refund.
  3. Do these power fold mirrors run on a motor?… or is it just fuses and relays/modules.
  4. Hi…tomsfocus…I bought the brown relay that I was told was needed…I paid £17.50 for it….first I am told that I can access this module under the engine fuse box. Then I am told that it’s behind the glove compartment…it is nowhere to ge found in either location…now you are talking about a possible door location…the mirrors adjust fine, it’s just the wing mirror units that don’t fold in/out when locking/unlocking the car….using the DS wing mirror buttons do not manually do it either
  5. Another total waste of time!…. Took out the glovebox, not a sign of this elusive module…looks like I have gotta remove the P-side dashboard to access it!!😡
  6. Hi unofix…my PSide fuse box is accessible, without removing the glove box, it is just below it…unless there is another behind the glove box,(how many fuse boxes does this car have?!😄)…so I had no need to spend 90 mins getting the engine fuse box shifted…that’s where I was told that it was…I will remove the glove box tomorrow…why do I need to remove the blue module first?…maybe I misread your comment above about the black/red wire?, but I was just going to disconnect the old module and connect the replacement, “plug and play”.
  7. Hi guys…finally got access to the base of the fuse box..all I am seeing is what is in the photo…just terminals under the caps, no module.
  8. yes, i know its a 7.5 amp fuse👍... i thought..a fuse with a shelf life?..odd....just goes to show, dont believe everything you read on the web😄. just looking for tips on how to properly move to one side, the engine fuse box to access the module...cant see anything of real use on utube, but thats my only source of info. i have all weekend this weekend, so i will take my time, so as i do it right...when moved to one side, i should see the module i am wanting to change..with a lot of jobs of this sort, fixing the problem is easy, its just getting access to it that can take the time.
  9. gonna replace the 7.5v fuse with a new one first, to see it that helps, the fuse is not blown..the fuse i took out looks a bit rough...maybe that will solve the problem without having to lift out the fuse box to access the module...i have also read that fuses have a "shelf-life"?.
  10. cool mate, got it..so all one is doing is replacing the base that the module plug plugs into🙂...is this module under the engine fuse box?
  11. so no wiring?...your image above, showed wiring connected to it
  12. just, curious...if it is a module issue, how much would one likely cost, and would i need just the module or any addition components please. is there a part no? cheers mate
  13. seen it mate....if it is the module, dont wanna be doing that, job for a pro'...i will probably end up electrocuting myself😆
  14. thanks mate...i cannot see any image...would you be able to send it again here please.
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