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  1. hi guys..thanks for your replies...i work nights so do a lot of my driving at night...there is nothing worse than having an, "inexperienced",( polite term), driver with full beam on in your mirror, or one who thinks fog lights can legally be used all the time. i was told by a guy on the mondeo facebook page, that i need to update the computer after fitting, due to the mirror having a circuit board that controls "lane-assist" etc etc..probably explains the multi-pin connector..dont know whether i want to do that..i will check what connection the reading light has, when i pick the car up on sunday, and go from there. all i want is a "how-to" from somewhere ideally, to help me fit it...i am no electrician...i am to electrics, what Arnie is to flower-arranging..🤣...i have the flip-switch on the current normal mirror yes, but i have kinda got accustomed to the auto-dimming feature. but i MAY just keep with the current one, i really dont know what i want to do yet, but i have that option.
  2. hi team..got my auto-dimming rear view mirror from a ford breakers in nottingham, (i have added some photos to give u guys a visual).....all looks cool with it...i am replacing the normal mirror in my mondeo here, with this A-D rear view mirror..if i can...can i do this and if so, do i need any additional wiring...i was thinking of connecting it to the front reading light, if there is a connection in there to do so...the mirror is from a MK 5 mondeo, like mine...any help/advice would be awesome, as i have never done something like this before...i am to electrics, what Arnie is to flower-arranging!🤣...i have not as yet picked the car up..i pick it up from cargiant this sunday 8th, but i like to plan ahead. cheers guys 👍
  3. yes mate...not fussed about the screen read-out...they said that the parts will be aftermarket, but i figured that when Ford use aftermarket parts, they must conform to a particular quality that the company expect...they say they will run the sensors off the rear lights, makes sense. hence no screen read-out.
  4. UPDATE...hi guys...just booked my mondeo in to Gates, my local Ford specialist, to have some rear sensors fitted...£349 all in...will take about an hour to fit...nice!!👍....i work nights so was asleep when the courier delivered the A/D rear-view mirror, so will pick it up from the PO tomorrow🙂
  5. cheers Tom..i will keep this post updated as and when..i will check out the Xtrons kit..not sure what option i want to go for yet..obviously price will be the factor...i just want sensors that i can hear within the car, not fussed about having it on screen.👍
  6. cheers Tom....i have located a A/D rear view mirror from a ford breakers in nottingham yesterday. getting it tomorrow, hope it fits....do you know how one would be able to have parking sensors fitted,(if applicable), and roughly how much?.
  7. thanks mate..i have joined the group...pending at the mo'
  8. hi Jonro....its a 2016, 2.0 mondeo estate TDCI 150 zetec..both cars are the same production year..my manual here is September 2016
  9. howdy y'all...i have just bought this manual mondeo estate..i had a choice of 2 in this varient of this model, the auto and this manual...i was told that the manual was a younger and better car..however, i am puzzled as to why the younger and better manual version does not have parking sensors or the auto-dimming rear view mirror,( both included on the auto varient of this model).....does not make any sense...disappointing. could anybody throw some light on why this is please? cheers guys
  10. hi all...just changed my Kuga for a more spacious mondeo.....i am looking for the above mirror, as my mondeo just has a normal mirror...i work nights so i need this auto-dimming upgrade to protect my eyes from the small percentage of drivers who drive with full beam and/or fog lights on all the time. can anybody help with prices and availability etc?..i look forward to hearing back from you cheers team🙂
  11. just thought i would post a few pics of my new ford logo badges...as my car is "ruby red", i though these red/black logo's would be a better match..i am not disappointed. they look awesome!..i am over the moon with them..they are overlays.☺️...mine is a MK2...the MK1 badges are smaller.
  12. thanks Clive....so its just a case of sticking these over the top of the old ones..i dont suppose ford do the whole units for front and back?. and if they do, they will probably charge the earth for them as well. cheers Clive👍
  13. hi team...further to my post above..i was just trawling the internet and i saw some overlays?, for front and back logo's, steering wheel and wheel-centres in the red/black for the kuga...ideally i would want to remove just the blue/silver logos first and replace them with these new logos leaving the surrounds, (where applicable), in place, rather than sticking them over the top of the old ones...using heat to remove and replace the logos...i dont want to do anything to them until i have asked your advice....would it be possible to do this?
  14. hi all...got a ruby red kuga 2015..i am looking at new front and rear plastic ford badges for it...as it is red, i like the idea of matching red badges..i know there are lots of variations of the red badge,( red/black, black/red/chrome etc), and i am open to suggestions, help/advice etc, as to where i could get a couple of these badges..would make a nice accessory on an already nice car. cheers guys
  15. thanks Tom, much appreciated👍