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  1. I am trying to get to an electric connection box that is fixed to the bottom of my seat so that I can disconnect it, spray contact cleaner on it and reconnect it but there is a cover or shroud that is in the way and I cannot see how the connector comes apart, please see attached picture. Is this part of the seat or is it possible to remove it from the seat giving access to the electrical connector?
  2. My orange air bag warning light is on all the time and I am trying to find out where the fuse is so I can check if it has blown. From my Haynes manual I can see there is a central fuse box behind the glove box and reading down the list in the manual it does not mention the air bag sensor. I see there is an auxiliary fuse box is in the engine compartment but I cannot find in the manual what fuses are for what. Help would be appreciated.
  3. Thank-you for the information, I would like to use the VIN check but was unable to find it on the UK Ford website. Entering 'my owned vehicle' into the search box draws a blank too. Could you please direct me to that page?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I am looking to buy a 2013-2015 model so the MK 4 is out for me and I was unable to find any of the MK3.5 1.5 ECOboost on Autotrader. I am also reading a lot of bad reports on the ECOboost engines so would prefer another Zetec engine.
  5. I would like my next car to be a Ford Focus or possibly a Fiesta and I love my current Automatic. I have been reading about a lot of problems with the Powershift models. Do either the Focus or Fiesta automatic come with the old style Auto gearbox from 2013 onwards?
  6. Thanks for the help. I did go to Halfords to buy a litre of Auto Transmission fluid and you are correct they don't stock the switches. I ordered from Ebay and it was delivered today, fitted it and it has stopped leaking.
  7. Thanks Tom. As you say the price difference is only £5 but I can get the OEM part delivered by Tuesday and the Ford part by Wednesday. I need the car for work. I don't suppose Halfords would stock them?
  8. You are correct, thank-you. Do I need to replace it with a genuine ford part or is OEM sufficient?
  9. Difficult to get a good picture but in picture 2 it is the shiny black plastic part with wires coming out of it.
  10. I have had my Focus for 12 years and love it, but today noticed an oil leak. It only leaks when the engine is running and I have found and tried to take decent pictures of where the leak is coming from. Can anyone please tell me the leaking part name?
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