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  1. Auto headlights (not LED, but upgraded Philips halogen bulbs), heated steering wheel, great ride, sleek looks, quick clear windscreen, many things really. The heated steering wheel is really good for me as I suffer from circulation issues in my hands and while the rest of me doesn't feel the cold, my hands do, 2-3 minutes max in the morning and all is well.
  2. I've found this review from July 2017 that also confirms the torque converter. Hopefully that is the end of it. who knew it would be so hard so find out the specs for my car.
  3. Thanks Tiexen, I saw that, but was then confused by the comment on the front page, I was wondering if it was a typo as mine is 2017. 'Significantly, after all the trouble with Getrag Powershift dry clutch packs, Ford has reverted to a "6-speed torque converter automatic" for the 2018 Fiesta.' I don't have an issue with my car, but I was asked about what type of automatic gearbox it was and couldn't answer.
  4. I have a Fiesta, Titanium Mark 8 automatic, which I love. However, I am having trouble finding out what type of automatic gearbox it has? The car was registered on 7 August 2017 if that helps? Some say torque convertor, others Powershift, I can't work out if it's wet or dry. Can anyone help?
  5. I note you are using usb 3, all the guidance I have seen online states a preference for usb 2 and I use some fairly cheap scan disk 32gb drives.
  6. HI Sierra is generally automatically set to auto unzip files. Under preferences / general untick 'open safe' files and all will be well.
  7. After a journey yesterday I removed my phone from the USB cable and I had been logged out of the app, this has never happened before. I logged back into the app and it wanted me to enable the app on Sync applink. Tried to re-link it and per Sync it is enabled, traffic works etc, but it still asks to be linked. I have tried turning the phone on and off, deleting the app and reloading etc. but for some reason it doesn't believe its connected. Anyone else experience similar? its an iPhone 8 connecting to a mk8 Fiesta, Sync 3
  8. Where does it give you the reason?
  9. Yep! basically relies on the battery charge, so it depends on what type of journeys you take and whether you have everything on i.e. air con etc. I find it works if I use the car daily and take it on long journeys. as I don't use if for commuting this is fairly rare.
  10. I have a 2017 Titanium Mk8 and the stop/start stopped working a few weeks ago. I have completed some long journeys recently and it still doesn't come on. Would the battery reset be the same for the MK8's?
  11. If possible use a USB 2.0 drive not USB 3.0. If you use a MAC then it may be opening the files, make sure you untick the box 'open safe files' in safari preferences before downloading
  12. Sjwhite

    Sync 3

    Thanks for the search that is recent.
  13. Sjwhite

    Sync 3

    F8? I thought F7 was the latest, when did you get F8?
  14. Thanks. I already have the car and find the rear camera and BLIS useful, but I think I will get the little mirrors to see if they give me the added view I want. It’s mainly for parking as I find when I do have the mirrors positioned plus the BLIS system driving is fine. I find the anti-collision system in car parks excellent when reversing out of a spot. you’re right it’s a fab car and this is the only negative I’ve found after a few months of ownership.