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  1. Thank you for this I'll try forscan as soon as I can!
  2. Well mine only reads DTCs I had the AA out and he didn't even know what the powertrain light was coming up for.. maybe I'll have too call them again 😒
  3. Hello there everybody, I hope you can help with this problem. Ford Focus MK2 1.8 TDCi 2005 Here goes, I've checked injectors with a leak back test and they all seem great! It goes into Limp Mode with the Cog light exclamation mark in the middle whilst driving majority of the time.. then what I've noticed is sometimes the cog light will come on and it won't put it in limp mode? And then occasionally out of nowhere it will be running and idling okay.. if it runs lumpy with irratic idling without the red cog on I'll switch it off and on and then the red cog will come back and it will be running better.. there's no EML lights just the red cog. Anyhow I've posted a Link of a video. It doesn't smoke when booting either. The EGR is running fine also.
  4. Hi Lenny didn't actually think of that 😂 much appreciated
  5. Hello too you all! The title speaks for itself I guess, just wondering what metal the outside is? Is it stainless or? Just wondering if I'm able too MIG weld it etc..
  6. I uploaded a video too YouTube notice the difference in the sound when I lift the clutch in neutral..
  7. Took it today left it with them Apparently they don't see an issue? They used original ford parts which are SACHS for everything.. I'm going too take it too another specialist and see what they say I guess. How would you go about testing for DMF failure? Other than the iron filings on the starter.. Thank for you replying much appreciated.
  8. Good afternoon, I hope all is well too whomever reads I just need abit of reassurance I guess. Im pretty certain I have an issue with the what could be the DMF, it was repaired along with a complete clutch kit including CSC. 4,000 miles on there seems too be a noise which I found when in neutral I bring the clutch too biting point there's a rackety Clangy sound.. Also when in neutral if I bring the revs just over 1,000rpm there's vibration which can be felt all over the car including doors if you hold them? Would this indicate that the Dual Mass is going or is the CSC going also.. when turning off the car if I don't hold the clutch pedal in the noise is noticeable but if I hold it in it doesn't make a noise. Hope you can solve my problem. Seems worse also as it gets warmer. Edit: Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi 2005 Much love. 😁
  9. probably a minimal gain as the CAT on a diesel doesn't do much.. However I dont expect too have an extra 50bhp for doing it, I just prefer my diesel straight through. Personal preference i guess.
  10. Yea I couldnt see any sensors around the CAT area I just thought there could be a nice hidden one out of sight :) sorry for the late reply. Thank you all also for replying.
  11. Hey there, does anybody here know if I'll need to get it deleted on the software side at all if I gut the cat out? It's a 2005 model with no DPF. 1.8 TDCi KKDA Engine.
  12. Thank you for the reply I guess I could check that thanks
  13. Hi there I'm trying too diagnose whether this could be a DMF Failure? Only sounds like a crunching sort of sound when you blip the throttle but doesn't do it when the clutch is pressed in.. I've uploaded an audio file too listen too. Focus 1.8 TDCi 2005 QYBA Engine