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  1. Thanks for this - rang the garage and they checked the invoice of screen replacement to find the company hadn’t actually really calibrated the screen. So will be getting them to fix it soon.
  2. Ah I see... sorry didn’t know this was a thing! I’ve not had a car with this technology before. I will give the garage a ring to see if they did actually calibrate it.
  3. Thanks both - the wipers are reaching the area so that’s why I thought it was weird for them to say it’s due to the rain. I haven’t been through any foggy areas either, no ice or frost recently too. There’s also no chips around the camera too which I’ve checked ( and they replaced the windscreen before I bought it as well). this sort of thing should be under warranty shouldn’t it? I travelled 130 miles to collect my car so can’t take it back to that dealership specifically.
  4. I bought a car from a dealership yesterday and when driving home it came up with this message on my 2019 Ford Fiesta ST Line: ”Front Camera Malfunction. Service Required” It’s come up again today. Dealership have told me it happens when it heavily rains - it’s still under warranty. What shall I do? Does anyone else have this problem?
  5. Hi, Recently I got my wingmirror smashed in so need a new buy a new one. My wingmirror doesn’t fold in electronically I have to push it in manually. After looking on ebay a lot are electronically folding mirrors, my question is - can I fit a electronic folding wingmirror on my car that was fitted for a manually push in mirror? Are there different sockets, will it fit etc? really need help!! So thank you in advance
  6. Hi, A few weeks back I was in a accident where a guy sped past and hit my wingmirror off. My wing mirrors don’t automatically fold in when locked, I have to push them in manually. Does anyone know an auto fold wingmirror fits the part of a normal static wingmirror? I don’t want to buy one that doesn’t fit properly
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