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  1. Cool i reckon that finish will look good for many years.
  2. Some good info about how it all started , awards etc.
  3. Hi its good to see people using diskloks mines a silver colour one , i think they started doing yellow ones again, once i remember when i worked at halfords a customer wanted a good deterent, they said oh its to big n heavy ! We sold loads though.
  4. Yehh not the most accurately made thing those wheel braces that come with the cars.
  5. I keep my spare checked as well , always good as well too see a nice dry spare wheel well ! Haha.
  6. These type are what i use too.
  7. Yeh best stored rear passenger footwell when not in use.
  8. Yeh some tins dont work.!
  9. Have you got folding mirrors and them puddle lights, i manually turned my mirrors in with button inside, then came to unlock car and thought its not unlocking, i could not see mirrors opening out , it was because i had used button inside to turn them in !
  10. Yes they have had threads on here about those engine covers , also.do you check those drain points at top of wing , u probably do , u can lift the rubber flap , also talking of batterys i have one of those volt things that plug in power socket that reads out volt level.
  11. Nice bob , keep them scuff plates polished lol , i have got one of them engine covers like the focus has that goes over plugs makes it quieter.
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