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  1. Ian318

    Spark Plugs

    Them plugs dont look good at first glance , but electrodes look ok, when i got my 65 plate car in 2018 i took for its 3rd service as i had some warrantry left , says on the bill plugs changed ! They prob was but who knows lol , anyway cars only done 18000 now, i get my excellent mobile mechanic do any work on car now and only take dealers when i really have too ! Also as eric mentioned the engine cover is a good idea .
  2. All normal apparently mines same.
  3. Hello i have had something similar or like this , my rear ones when i pressed to go up it went so far then came back slightly., then press switch again moves about inch up n down , ended cleaning channels out etc n works now ,at the time car was dusty dry weather windows were gritty .
  4. Hi got in car again and front and rear screens defrosted and mirrors too, i think the rear one only on for so long, i think if i did press rear demist button then mayb it overides because i think rear demister stays on longer when manually pressed according to some discussions on this forum from some years ago.
  5. Trying show a link lol but not sure what have done, ian lanc in january said there was a clutch in them or something so would trip out if got stuck .
  6. https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/forum/1-ford-fiesta-club/
  7. My owners manual says air con dont work below 4c ? Also got in my car this morning started up and front and rear screens defrosted without me pressing the switches , only just found this out .
  8. Makes me certainly think now about glass roofs , although more and more cars having them now, i just think hmmm will it or could it shatter !
  9. My dads focus had problem with radio , we warmed it up with hairdryer and it turned on was just something i saw on online forums , but think radio had fault , hes not got the car now though.
  10. Ian318


    Hi all hope people check these drain areas on both sides of scuttle panel , get silt dirt build up over time , hopefully other owners do same . Also any idea what black bag liner thing is in the second pic? Its in the gap top of wing. Thanks
  11. Glad to hear getting sorted., not good for people who have them , would be a worry wondering if its gonna explode.
  12. Is the plastic clip thats holding them together too loose , think must be same on mk7.5 does the cable tie make the pipes tighter and these noises go?
  13. If car steaming up condensation ,maybe water getting in like a leak or something, also check pollen filter , have you give your car a good run, get everything up to temp and then do a visual check of things like signs of oil after returning .