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  1. Ian318


    Hello we have a moblie mechanic who we use regular and the old original battery finally packed in and he fitted a motrio one , he must have thought it was suitable for a ford and so did we , its lb2 number but no mention of silver or calcium on it , may be most assume any battery can fit a ford.!
  2. Ian318


    Hi all would fitting a lead acid battery and not the correct silver /calcium one effect radio over time and end up damaging inside as my dads focus 2010 radio/nav unit wont turn on as its damaged inside .
  3. Hi all seeing the original post is from 2016 i will cut a long story short , i had these oil symptoms on my fiesta ecoboost bought from holdcroft nissan crewe in september 2018 , also had some oil around drivers side driveshaft , when i checked oil level it was way over actually i had to drain 1 litre out , been dry since no signs if oil , so people avoid nissan holdcroft crewe , sloppy dealers who had another two people complaining on same day as i was .
  4. Are these pipes rusting from the inside , is the metal thick enough? , mine painted now and i do the usual regular underbonnet checks like i have done on previous cars.
  5. Yeh av got full leather in my titanium x , and yeh warmer compared to dads focus cloth titanium ones
  6. Nice them heated seats esp in cold weather mines never been off !
  7. Hi lespes have you got the full leather seats in or half material.
  8. Thats a great price compared to euro car parts bosch one!
  9. Hello have a read of the bulbfacts.com website .
  10. Hello radio on now after disconnecting battery again, car locking and unlocking again , see how we go , thanks to peoples suggestions, checked and rechecked the simple things and up and running again , the main dealer not needed this time .
  11. Is there a radio code needed to these radio sat nav units .
  12. Have tried 112 number said audio \ battery supply that was ok , maybe there another fuse for radio or possibly fuse on back of radio unit.
  13. Hi all i have disconnected the battery and all working again , except radio wont turn on its one with sat nav built in , could it be the fuse and if so what number n location thanks
  14. Thanks jonro2009 am gonna try the simplest of things before going dealers and will try the procedures again tmr .
  15. Fob battery ok and car battery ok just cant seem to programme the keys had to lock with emergency key for now , will have another look tmr , thanks for replys up to now .