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  1. Does the seat move OK with the controls on the seat itself? If so, try adjusting the seat, then storing the new setting by pressing and holding one of the memory buttons on the door. Then try turning easy entry on.
  2. Neither of those will be suitable for the OEM wheels. The wheel nuts do have a 60 degree taper, but they need a much wider base like the ones pictured in the second image here: I've only seen them in black or silver.
  3. It has a built-in SIM card and uses a mobile network. It's definitely not the old skool traffic broadcasts, and it does access the Internet. That said, it wasn't a cheap Tomtom.
  4. True, but Tomtom don't charge me for their live traffic updates, and it's not a huge amount of data. Is there a lifetime updates option with Ford?
  5. That'd be me, and yes the live traffic works via my phone and the FordPass app. So it does seem a bit odd Ford would charge for that when using the car's built in modem (which I don't have).
  6. Just for context: some of the feature updates for Windows can take ages to apply. I'd allow an hour or two, depending on which updates it is trying to apply and how up-to-date it is. The worst was my work laptop which took over 5 hours once. I normally try and update my personal laptop often so it doesn't create a backlog.
  7. Safest option is to leave it doing its thing. You could try booting it to the "undoing changes" screen, then power off. Repeat that 3 times, and on the third attempt it should boot to a Windows advances troubleshooting screen. If you're lucky you will have a rollback - > featured update option which might work.
  8. Exactly what happened to me with Sync 3.0. The maps were stuck on "try again later" for days, so I gave up and used the unofficial upgrade to Sync 3.4 from cyan labs.
  9. I'll have to test it and see if it works. The live traffic definitely goes through the phone, and I suspect the hazard info will do likewise. I don't feel like creating a hazard to test it though 🙂 Not had a real chance to test the rest of the 3.4 upgrade, but it feels snappier.
  10. Mine doesn't have the built-in modem, so there's no connectivity settings. The hazard info appears under navigation settings, but it needs my phone connected for the live traffic updates. I've not tried the hazard info yet, but the live traffic updates via the phone work OK.
  11. Just checked, and it's available. Not actually tried it yet as I've just enabled it.
  12. I gave up waiting for the F9 maps to become available on my Mondeo (Sync 3.0) and went the unofficial route to Sync 3.4. Other than the fact it took nearly an hour it was actually a painless process.
  13. And the remaining 26% are just due to bad data.
  14. Probably caused by all the people who've forgotten how to drive during lockdown, and are now getting back on the roads. Give them a call, let them know you're thinking of leaving and they should give you a better price. I'm also a customer of that particular company, and that's been the process for me for the last few renewals. It's a bit of a faff, but at the last renewal I did manage to get them to drop the price to something considerably lower than the lowest price on comparison sites. Loyalty might not be rewarded, but complaining is!
  15. If it's early 2016 it'll be Sync 2. Sync 2 has a home screen with a dark background that's split into 4 for phone, navigation, climate and audio. If it's a later 2016 and you're lucky, it'll be Sync 3. Sync 3 is usually a lighter background (unless it's in night mode), with a row of buttons at the bottom for accessing audio, navigation, etc. Not sure about Sync 2, but updates for Sync 3 are available from the Ford site: You'll need a USB for the update process, preferably at least 32GB for both Sync and maps updates. Once downloaded onto the USB, installation is basically as simple as plugging it into the USB port and waiting for it to finish. Just bear in mind it can take up to an hour, so you may want to plan on going for a drive whilst letting it update. Full instructions here: