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  1. Not forced, but they were handing them out and asking people to remove reusable masks and wear the provided single-use mask instead. The reason behind this is because proper single-use masks generally have better filtration than most reusable ones. When you're out shopping that's not a big issue, but in an enclosed space with lots of people getting jabs you want to make sure you're doing everything to prevent viruses wandering about.
  2. Age and treachery will overcome youth and skill.
  3. Bear in mind that the early Bluetooth only works for phone calls, not audio streaming. On a Titanium X it should definitely have Bluetooth, but for a 2008 it's likely only for making/receiving phone calls, not playing music.
  4. It's not for everyone - especially if you need to tow something - and a bit more power would be nice. If I had to lug around very heavy loads every single day I might consider the 2.0. However, it's not a buying decision I regret. I've had a varied car history including diesel and petrol Mondeos (the Mk4 2.5T was a blast), but this is the most comfortable car I've driven, it copes fine with a boot full of stuff, and it has the added bonus of not costing a fortune at the pumps.
  5. Think of it as a delicious forum sandwich.
  6. The biggest worry I had with the Astra Zeneca job was that I might suddenly start appreciating Vauxhall Astras. I'm pleased to say that hasn't happened.
  7. Handset quality and cable quality are the biggest factors. If the cable quality (inside or outside the house) is sub-par on one end but good on the other then it might be fine. If it's poor on both ends then it will be a poor connection. Problem is that there are many factors which can impact the line quality. My parents used to have many issues with their phone line - turned out to be their connector box on the phone pole 500m down the road. When it rained water got into the box and caused issues, but that would go away when the box dried out. A line quality test should indicate i
  8. Short answer: no. Could be the phone on their end though, or just an old / badly wired socket.
  9. In these lockdown times, I'm currently averaging around 50 - 55 mpg. Which considering it's now all very short journeys in town traffic is fine. 80 mpg seems unbelievable. On a lengthy cruise I can get mid 70s if I'm careful with the right foot. You'll probably see some slight gains over the Mk4 you currently have, but nothing significant. The Mk5 is a bit more bulk to haul around. It's also a different driving experience from the Mk4. You do lose some handling, but you gain some comfort. It's superb for cruising past the peasants. Handy tip: try and get the LED headlights if
  10. I have one. If heavily loaded you can feel it's not that powerful but it still pulls OK, and has enough torque to cope with a longish uphill section of the M1 near J23. If lightly loaded it's surprisingly good. From a power perspective the 2.0 is obviously far better, but I couldn't find anything with that engine even close to the same spec without spending a lot more.
  11. I have the joys of self-levelling concrete to look forward to. Had to take up the kitchen tiles this week due to a water leak, and found that the kitchen tiles are on top of tile cement, which is on top of lino, which is on top of lino adhesive, which is on top of more tiles. It's like an archaeologists dream.
  12. Plus with the French doors open you'll be letting more heat back in. It'd be like having the air con on in the car, then opening all the windows.
  13. Yes, they all require a vent to the outside. The hot air is pushed out through that. Pro-tip: don't accidentally pull the vent hose out of the window so it's venting back into the room, as that makes a very effective heater... There is also a water tank, and that's where the humidity goes. I've not had to empty mine yet since I got it last year. Noise wise - I had to turn mine off for conference calls. An air conditioner is loud! But definitely preferable to sitting in a sweltering office with multiple computers pumping out heat.
  14. Got a Pifco one (P41008MOB) from Amazon which does a good job in the home office. The Argos ones are apparently not bad either. Just be prepared for lots of noise and make sure you have a venting solution. I used some thick polythene placed over the open window with a hole cut out for the venting tube.
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