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  1. Perhaps when you got the original valuation the petrol tank was empty, and now it has a couple of litres in it?
  2. Ditto. But sadly my car doesn't have a modem, so I guess I'll be out of luck. Especially with the live traffic updates - not sure how that'll work without Applink.
  3. If the active grille is broken the ECU will command the fan on permanently because it can't be sure of the position of the grille. It doesn't measure the airflow, it just has position sensors for the grille. Removing the grille is unlikely to fix that as the ECU will still see it as a broken grille. Replacing the grille should fix it, but I seem to recall they're not particularly cheap.
  4. I must be buying the wrong phones. These days there are audio books for pretty much anything. Audible has over 1000 in the "engineering" category, including "How to Build an Aircraft Carrier". Sounds like a nice little side project.
  5. Audio books, maybe? Most smartphones don't have an FM radio these days - they were ditched in favour of music streaming. You should also be able to download tracks for offline listening using Spotify although that might depend on your subscription.
  6. I'll second Plusnet. Been with them for ages and never had any issues - well, not unless you count the wire coming off the telephone pole outside the house, but I can't really blame them for that.
  7. And yet I hardly ever see any dolphins on the M1.
  8. It depends on age. It's probably R134a, but there should be a sticker on the bonnet slam panel to confirm that.
  9. "Cut", or "Can U Toot?", is a very technical term in the film industry. It means they are looking for more background noise to set the sound levels correctly. I imagine they very much appreciated your assistance, and I can only imagine the look of joy on their faces.
  10. Low refrigerant levels can cause weirdness sometimes, so it is worth getting that checked anyway. Another option might be to replace the HVAC control unit and see if that cures it. The control unit is the climate display with the dials and switches, and you can normally pick those up relatively cheaply from ebay.
  11. The orange LED means there's a warning message on the display - it's supposed to draw your attention to whatever is being displayed on the message screen. That LED would be red if it was a serious problem, so I agree with Tom - it's probably the washer fluid.
  12. Ah well. Plan B it is, but I found they were pretty responsive when I had to write to them.
  13. It may be worth telling DVLA anyway - there's a form on the gov.uk website for doing so. I had a similar situation once and they should then send you a letter as confirmation. Keep the letter, as I found it very useful later when the police contacted me to say "my" vehicle had been involved in a speeding incident, and perhaps I could help them with their enquiries?
  14. And of course Ford like to re-organise things by demoting trim levels... Ghia went from being the very best, to nearly the best (with Ghia X being the top), to mid-range (with Titanium being the top). And now Titanium is mid-range... When will the madness end?
  15. Or Less eXtras. In the olden days LX was a midrange trim. It's not been used by Ford UK for many years though.
  16. They will always work the first time after you switch on the ignition, so the easiest way to test is switch on ignition, put the lights on, then operate the washers. Note that the lights must actually be on. If you have them on auto and its not dark enough for the lights to be on then the headlamp washers won't come on.
  17. Does it have to be that specific TV? You could get a caravan TV that runs off a 12V car battery, which might work out cheaper than a power bank and inverter - example: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Westinghouse-12v-Caravan-Satellite-Tuner/dp/B08KJDFT7B/ref=mp_s_a_1_11?crid=30HUH4OEN9LU1&keywords=caravan+tv&qid=1646812617&sprefix=%2Caps%2C73&sr=8-11
  18. What Stephen said. I actually have a decent belt cutter and glass punch in the car, but I can imagine in any emergency I'll either forget I have it or spend the remaining minutes of my life trying to find it in the glove box before remembering it's actually in the driver's door pocket.
  19. Seems an expensive way to undo your seat belt. I just press the red button on the seat belt stalk.
  20. That sounds faulty router-ish or maybe a limitation on how the router's Wi-Fi works, but the best way to test that is usually to swap it out for a different router. So your options are: Log all the issues and complain at Vodafone until they give you a new one Bite the bullet, buy a replacement and hope that solves it. On the plus side you can usually use the new router with a new provider - you don't have to use what they give you Having never dealt with Vodafone's broadband I'm not sure how difficult option 1 would be; some providers are more willing to accept the customer's word that it's a router fault as long as you've tried basic trouble-shooting, but I'd think it would be worth a shot. Personally, I've usually gone for option 2 as the routers you get from most providers are pretty basic. Plus it also means that in the event your shiny purchased router breaks then you still have an emergency back-up. There is a third option: get a mesh device for the Wi-Fi so you're not using the Vodafone router's built-in Wi-Fi. That will give you much better wireless signal, but a considerably lighter wallet.
  21. You're aiming at the right bit. Sounds like a good extra squirt should do the job!
  22. You could try lithium or silicone grease spray. A good spray of lithium grease worked for mine when WD40 was ineffective. As Stephen says, the place to aim is right at the very top of the pedal and is usually a bit awkward to get to. There's a kind of plastic clip or washer up there which rubs against the metal - at least, that's what the issue was on mine.
  23. I'll wait for the Titanium X Vignale Ghia trim to be available.
  24. Ecoboost is the name given to Ford's range of turbo-charged petrol engines. Econetic is the name given to Ford's range of low emission/low fuel consumption vehicles. The Econetic designation isn't just about the engine - there are other changes, such as low rolling-resistance tyres, smaller wheels, revised fuel maps, different gearing and various other modifications. Most Econetic badges are applied to diesel vehicles; I've not seen one applied to a petrol before and I thought they were exclusively diesel. If it's the original battery then chances are that's affecting the s/s issue. Whether you replace it depends on how excited you are by the s/s feature.
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