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  1. Also, auto wipers and auto headlights sorted 😏
  2. Update All fitted and working! Thanks to @chriswynne resorting my faith in humanity. Traveling from Merseyside to Leeds to help out!
  3. Aye thanks for the heads up. A @chriswynne got in touch with me on how he did his and is giving me a hand this weekend. I'll post photo updates in due course.
  4. Another question. If I use the new loom but do not activate the additional features, would my original features work with out a problem? - original features being interior lights
  5. I've married the loom up with the new headlining to see where it all goes I can't figure out where these two go. Any ides? Then this runs it all. Does anyone have any thoughts on if this would work if I use the new loom and activate the necessary lighting? I'm debating on keeping my current loom in and not having the additional features. Just for ease.
  6. Hi chaps. I'm looking for some knowledge and advice. Since buying my mk3 Zetec S last year, I've wanted to change the headlining and interior trim from the beige/tan to black. I've picked up all the pieces, including the headlining loom which includes the vanity lights in both sun visors, and wonder if someone could let me know how to go about getting the parts to work. I imagine I will have to use foCCCus or similar software to activate it. But before I take my headlining out, I was wondering if someone could help me understand it a bit better. I've already put in the easiest bits
  7. 😮 Well there goes my dreams of them then
  8. These look great. Any idea how much they'd sell for?
  9. As said before, it really is child's play. I ordered a kit for £16.99 from Amazon and had it sorted in a few hours. The red is after three coats
  10. Thought i'd share some quick pictured of my Zetec S painted calipers. I used the same paint just in red but I can't seem to attach the image from Imgur 🤷‍♂️
  11. Thank you for this. I have been thinking about doing mine and seeing how straightforward it is was just the push I needed. Paint kit ordered and on the way
  12. Thanks for the replies. I understand the need for the suspension and washers, however I have noticed some cars don't have washers. On the fiesta mk7s that have xenon headlights don't seem to have them. It has been mentioned elsewhere that 'the MOT test says (edited for brevity) : "Vehicles equipped with HID ....may be fitted with headlamp washers and a suspension or headlamp self levelling system...check the operation of any levelling and cleaning devices fitted...[reason for failure] A headlamp levelling or cleaning device inoperative or otherwise obviously defective. One could argue that, if it's not there then it's not inoperative or defective!' Apart from the aforementioned, are the plug pins different in anyway?
  13. I'm near pontefract and looking to fit cruise control. Did you manage to get this done?