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  1. I have used the Meguires Quik Wax and that was good. Nice and way to use and seemed to last a while, even worked on the windows. The new Meguires Hybrid Ceramic wax gets great reviews, but requires a pressure washer for the best application. The Polar Seal from Autoglym looks pretty good too and should be easy enough to use in winter.
  2. You can get some good spray on and wash off waxes/sealants now. No need to dry the car before hand, apply it to a wet car and then hose off. Might provide a little bit more protection on top of the wash and wax.
  3. Should have added that on LV it asks you if you have reverse cameras/sensors. It also asks if you have a dashcam. They seem to make a difference to the prices. Looking at the terms and conditions it does not seem to say if the camera needs to be professionally installed or not. So basic dashcam might be enough to declare.
  4. I have yet to do anything to my car but when I look at quotes with a few mods like remap, exhaust and spoiler extender LV seems to be one of the cheapest on comparison sites. Going directly to them is about 30 quid cheaper still.
  5. My 2016 model was showing signs until it was treated by ford, so in my case a later model was also susceptible.
  6. So people will say there is not difference for the car between premium unleaded and unleaded unless your car is tuned to use the premium. But I stay away from Asda fuel, every car I have had it in runs like a sack of spanners on it. I stick to Tesco usually, I put the momentum 99 in. I feel it runs better on it and I get more miles out of it compared to normal. It probably doesn’t and it is all psychological but I know for sure that it runs like crap in Asda fuel. The whole engine sound is different.
  7. I bought one from euro car parts and it was awful. Took it back for a refund really poorly made and did not fit together properly just rattled around.
  8. You can always look at the home use ceramic coating, Auto Finesse do them. Trouble with it all is, looks great when first done but still gets ruined when stone chips hit and you get tar on it. Presumably the tar remover strips the coating.
  9. Ultimate Quik wax from Meguiars works great on windows too.
  10. That image reminds me of watching the Australian Supercars where the drivers pull out squeegees on sticks to clean the fog from the windows whilst racing. https://streamable.com/06cji
  11. At 205 I cannot imagine it will last long. How many miles did you do on the Bluefin? Remapping is on my list to do eventually. From my research I’m looking at Revo, Collins Performance and Motorsport Development. I’m only in the 100ps model though so looking to go 125 - 150 ish.
  12. The dashcam made a major difference to my quotes. I'm not sure what the requirements are for image quality or if you need to use a certain brand or have it professionally installed though.
  13. I have yet to do any mods but was getting a rough idea on insurance prices for a remap and exhaust, LV came out as the cheapest usually. I declared that my car had parking sensors and said I had a dashcam to get a rough idea. The dashcam made a huge difference to the end quote making it not much more than I am paying unmodified. Most places wanted 150 more for the same mods. I contacted Adrian Flux to get an idea but they were quoting much more than LV.
  14. The only issue I had was the timing before using the blending someone. In the winter it is difficult to know how long to leave it, quite often I applied it and waited what I thought was long enough but it just wiped off. Had to do it several times before finding the right amount of time. I also found a cocktail stick the best way to apply the paint to very small chips..
  15. I bought a chipex kit for mine. At first the match is not perfect, but after it has been exposed for a while it fades. Plus once the car has been driven for a little while it will be covered in a little dirt anyway so it all blends in. I have a white car so cannot comment on the match for red. The white is about a 95% match and I can only see it because I know they are there. Other people can only see the difference when I point it out to them. They have promo codes all the time if you fancy trying it. The kit is pretty good you get the paint, blending solution, brushes, gloves cloths an
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