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  1. I've managed to keep my 1.0 Ecoboost at around 55mpg for the last 2 months. Driving carefully, following behind trucks for the reduced wind resistance etc. It's possible to get it high if you really think about everything you do. Also, I don't know if anyone else mentioned this but my car let's me activate start/stop without the handbrake. If I stop at lights I can hold it on the foot brake (in neutral) and it activates just fine. I recently bought a new battery (it was ruined before I ever bought the car) and they claim its good for I think I was 150,000 starts, which is more then
  2. The LED DRL dim themselves whilst the indicator is on, only the right side one ever goes fully off. It is an actual Ford thing, I do believe it was an optional extra to have LED DRL but it is an option direct from Ford.
  3. I have a 62 plate Fiesta with LED DRLs & I noticed in the reflection of the back of other cars that the right hand side LED strip was sometimes not turned on, after a few months & trying to check in reflections, I've come to the conclusion that it only seems to cut off after I've signalled right. It comes back on every time without fail simply by turning the engine off & back on again but nothing else seems to get it back on, changing types of light settings doesn't fix it. Anyone have any clue what this might be & any potential fix? Been bugging me fo
  4. How did you get on with this in the end? I use both USB & Bluetooth regularly for music in my 2013 Ecoboost, I have the upgraded Sony radio which makes it all pretty easy, just press the Aux button until it displays the input you want, I have a permanent iPod plugged into the USB that plays music automatically every time I turn on the car. I also use Bluetooth which has a few negatives, not being able to read the track info being one big one, whereas USB can tell you all the info. Voice recognition can't control the Bluetooth either where it can control USB. Overall USB is the
  5. I've put in LED's for my fogs & reverse lights. The bulbs I bought for the fogs were a simple plug and play swap. I used Novsight 10000LM 6000K from Amazon (I also bought the same brand for my dip beam & main beam but in different sizes) for about £25 per pair. If you look on YouTube you'll find a video explaining how to access the fog light housing through the wheel well instead of taking the bumper off or going in through the bonnet, simple to do but you'll have to lay on the floor with a torch if you're up for that. It hasn't been particularly foggy since I put the
  6. Have had a service & an MOT since installing these, at the service I asked the guy to check the beam pattern for me & he described it as "perfect", and then as expected, sailed through the MOT with no issues at all. Still love them too!
  7. For reference, here's some pictures I took at the time. Pretty obvious change if you ask me! Looks much better.
  8. Well if I get pulled or fail and MOT test I'll be sure to let everyone know, but for now, I spent too much money & time in changing them to bother changing them back for "just incase". In all honesty I did it mainly for colour instead of increased brightness & I've looked at the beam pattern produced by dip beam & all seams fine too me, haven't been flashed by anyone either.
  9. I do believe this to be false. That applies to HID's, not LED. LED's are often thought to be illegal due to cheap & early models of LED headlights having irregularly placed diodes that scatter light allover the place and illegally high. If you buy the correct ones that produce a legal beam pattern with your dip beam then they are perfectly legal to retrofit. If anyone has any legislation that says otherwise I invite you to link it, but I believe everything I stated to be true.
  10. Have you thought about LED's? I recently put LED's in my Fiesta MK7 Titanium. Replaced dip beam, main beam & fogs all by the same brand.
  11. I have a 2013 Fiesta Titanium, it has 2 footwell, 3 front map lights, 1 back interior light & the boot light is also a 501. That makes 7 interior lights. I have the LED strip lights as my dude lights so I don't think it's the same as yours if you think you'll need 10 in total.
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