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  1. When I turned into my road, I had to use the left turn indicators. They cancelled OK, as normal. Parked up at home, no further use of indicators, so puzzled as to why my right hand side parking lights would be on.
  2. Hi all, Recently purchased my 2012 Mondeo 2.0tdci Business Edition and overall very happy with it. But it does have a fault which I am hoping someone may be able to help with please. When the indicators have been used, and the stalk is returned to the middle/OFF position, sometimes, the right hand indicator will continue flashing. Move the stalk up or down and then return to OFF and this 99% of the time cancel the indicator. Last night when I went to bed, I noticed the right hand side parking light was on. Went down to the car, checked lights switch... Position OFF 👍 Checked indicator stalk... Position OFF. Pushed the stalk down (left) and this cancelled the parking light. Does this sound like a fault with the indicator switch itself, or maybe the flasher relay possibly? Any help/advice than can be offered would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Switch arrived today but..... Still no joy. So I did as you said and carried out a continuity test between the pump plug and the wiper switch plug and both wires triggered the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep to show good continuity. Placed a secondary wire from terminal 3 on switch connector block (black wire) and a good earthing point but still no joy. Press the switch for washers and the wipers will do their part, sweep the screen a few times but nothing from the pump. If you pull the switch down for the single wipe mode and release, the wipers stop when you release, they do not return to park on their own. Put them on intermittent, slow or fast, and they will wipe and park OK. Any suggestions before I have to brace myself for a large bill getting a garage to look please......... Anyone?
  4. I did indeed try another switch but..... it was slightly different, in that it did not have the variable intermittent wipe switch. Got the right type on order.
  5. Well.... Had it all apart again. Took the connector off the pump, ignition on.... live 12v down both wires... GOOD Wires (+/-) from battery to old pump and no go. Touch wires to new fitted pump.... Washers work. Swap wires around and other washers work. Pump is GOOD. Fuses... had each one out in turn and all GOOD. Multi-meter plugged into connector plug that would go onto pump...... Front or rear washers actives on switch.... 1 wire stays 12v, 1 zero. Repeat procedure for other washers, and no wire being zero'd (earthed out) NOT GOOD. So I am hopefully right in assuming that as the pump does work separately that the fault does lie within the switch???? 2nd hand 'good working order' switch on order, so fingers crossed.
  6. Cheers for that. I will patch in a seperate earth from the switch and see if that makes any difference.
  7. Yep, fully go along with your workings there but when I did the original test, it was with the connector block unplugged from the motor. I placed a test lamp on each terminal of the plug and with ignition switched on, had feed down both wires, which would suggest both circuits are intact. I am at a loss to what is at fault. Pump... New Wiper stalk swapped for new Fuses..... All good Live down both wires Pump still not pumping.......
  8. Tried a new unused switch today. Oh dear, no joy. So...... In the wiring diagram, on the left hand side above the 3 fuses, are the 2 R parts relays? If one of these could be at fault, where are they please?
  9. Thank you mjt. From previous answers I was beginning to think that bigger problems where ahead but your explaination seems to concur that yes, live at leads is correct so switch probably not doing its job. I will try another switch (need to go to a breakers for some bits for a Saab anyway), so hopefully will be sorted. Thank you again. **please correct me if I have not understood your reply correctly.......
  10. When I touched a test lampinto each terminal in the plug that goes onto the pump, it lit up for both wires when the ignition was switched on. If only one is meant to be live, then would that mean that the switch is at fault allowing both to be live or is there a relay for the washers? All the fuses are good, and I would have expected any short in the wiring to have blown a fuse.
  11. Had another fiddle around on the car this morning but still no joy. I really don't want to have to put the car into a garage and brace myself for a hefty bill for 'investigative' labour charges, so can anyone help please? Is it the switch that earths out a circuit foir the pump, seeing as live feed on both wires at the pump wiring connector, is detected when the ignition is turned on?
  12. Hi, first post on the Ford Owners forum, so HELLO :o) On our 53 plate Focus 1.8 petrol, the washers stopped working. The wipers still work, just te washers that are faulty. Had a look online at what seemed to be common problem so thought it may be a straight forward fix but..... Press the switch/pull the switch for either the front or rear washers, and nothing. No buzzing noise to indicate the pump works. Took the washer bottle out and removed the pump, and water poured out so no blockage at the outlet filter. Pump still does not work. Fitted a new pump as it was all apart. Tested for live supply to the connecter, and both wires are permenant (ignition on) live. Fuses both in engine compartment and behind the glovebox, are in good order. So would I be right in thinking it points to faulty switch? Is it the switch that 'earths' the circuits? Hope someone can offer some helpful guidance please.