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  1. Hi, an update on the battery management system... Ford had my car in for a recall (electronic brake booster), so while it was in the garage I had an early service and also asked them to look at the erratic problems with the keyless entry, stop/start and window heaters. The guy on the desk straight away said that he knew what the problem was, the system is dropping out 'non-essential' systems to keep the battery focused on starting the car. He asked if it was low mileage, which it is- 12k in 18 months, and said I am doing too many short journeys and this affects the charge state of the battery. This would be true of course. Nothing can be done, but suggested regular trickle charges or long runs will do the trick. Not very good really is it?
  2. Definitely battery management is doing this. I have exactly the same symptoms- no stop/start, sometimes the other doors do not work on key-less (sometimes they do), heated screens stop working. Its like its turning systems off in order of priority. I do short journeys as well. In a way, I'm glad to hear its not just me! New battery I reckon.
  3. I know this is no help, but I have had a focus Vignale for 18 months and the stop/start stopped working after a few months. The info reason just says 'charging'. Recently, the passenger and 2 rear doors keyless entry and also the rear and front window heaters (during the cold days) have been erratic also i.e sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.... I'm sure its all to do with the poor battery on these cars.
  4. Thanks for the input, coincidentally I had thought about starting off in one of the other modes to see the effect- i'll try it out. I notice you chaps have the 1.5.... Although the 1.0 125 is quite a nippy engine, in hindsight I should have gone for the 1.5. I wonder if the engine is too small for an auto?
  5. Thanks for the reply, I'll get Fords to do the Sync3 update as its still under warranty- is there a recent one available?... as for the gearbox I have been the one and only driver and has been like this since new. I was just wondering whether anyone else out there had the same problem or if it was only me that had problem. I will take it back to Fords eventually, i just wanted some ammunition to take with me. thanks again
  6. Hi all, I have had my Focus Vignale 1.0 auto for several months now and overall it is a nice car (but not as good as the Mk3.5 IMO), but it does have a few annoying features- FordPass doesn't work occasionally and the Sync3 lock ups. But the main annoyance is the auto gearbox.... When the car is cold or been standing with engine off for a period, then I start up and move off- as it shifts up through the gears, the engine hesitates between 2nd and 3rd gear. When it does change up it is quite harsh, but after that, the rest of the gears are ok. To some extent you can control it by easing off the accelerator at that point. Once you have been through this initial sequence it is fine. I have had it back to the garage several times where the stock answer seems to be that it may be the way the choke electronics modifies the engine speed and gearbox changes, but its so damn hard to demonstrate it so I have lived with it. So I was now waiting for others to report it and so force an update on the software. Has anybody out there experienced this at all? [The Fordpass problem- I found out that if you are in a rural area it suffers with comms problems- your phone signal may be ok, but the cars comms is a bit erratic (where I live anyway), so not a lot you can do about that I guess. A bit disappointing] thanks
  7. This message has popped up on my 1.0 several times with only 2000 miles on the clock. I do mostly short journeys to work every day. It goes away for a period and then comes back for a another burst of annoying messages. I appreciate that taking it for a 20 mile spin at 2000 rpm is suppose to burn of the soot, but doesn't that defeat the object of having a 'clean' car?
  8. My engine is 125bhp with 8 speed auto and yes the power is surprisingly good in my opinion- just sounds a little different than a 4 cylinder. Ride quality is not bad, fairly stiff I think because of the low profile tyres, no rattles so far. I enjoy driving it. I suspect if you have paid for a specific package that has Parking Assist 2 then you will get it. I should have got it as part of the overall Vignale spec but the spec had changed before ordering, but was still in the brochure details (and still is!), the dealer didn't know until I asked him why it didn't work- I'm still in dispute... best check it out with your dealer.
  9. If you are trying to keep the speed down in traffic for instance, then the changes can be a bit jerky on some occasions, particularly if you take your foot of the accelerator when its about to change, but accelerating up through normal driving then you cannot feel or hear the changes at all. The tacho shows the rpm changing very quickly at each gear change. I had a 1.5 auto before and that was very smooth, lethargic even, where the changes were slower and tended to linger a bit to much for my liking.... but the 8 speed auto is extremely good. As far as I can tell all the gears are used most of the time, particularly in ECO mode where the revs are kept lower. But its difficult to tell because the gear you are in is not shown in auto mode , which is a shame as i like to know what gear I'm in.
  10. its clearly written in my brochure that Park Assist 2 is part of the Vignale package, so it would not be written on any invoices (unlike, say, the Drivers Assistance pack which was a paid for package). As far as I can see its just a software package as the 8 speed auto is already part of the car, so I cant see any reason why they cant just add it on, which I have asked them to look into. Probably not quite as straight forward as that, but sometimes its just a matter of buying a Software licence. Apparently it should have been part of the Comfort package which i didn't buy but the brochure is wrong. I'm waiting to see what they come back with. To be honest I would have lived with the old style parking assist (or even parking it myself!) if it wasn't included.
  11. Hi, I am new to forum also.... i have just swapped my Titanium X 1.5 for a new Focus Vignale 1.0. I was a bit nervous about the 1 ltr 3 cylinder engine to be honest, but it seems to be an amazing little engine, though a bit disappointed with the economy as advertised, even in 'economy mode'. I can't manage more than 36 mpg, though I am only doing short journeys. it will be interesting to see what it does on longer journeys. At the moment i am having problems with Sync 3 where it freezes at least twice a day- luckily there is a reboot sequence (hold power button and seek right for 10 seconds). Its a bug and sure it will get sorted. But my biggest problem with it is that it seems there were a number of these models manufactured with the standard Active Park Assist instead of Active Park Assist 2 as advertised- mine being one of them. Very disappointed at this and I am waiting to hear from Ford whether they can retrospectively load it after it leaves the factory. Anyone thinking of buying one make sure you get what is in the brochure! No Rattles or wind noise at the moment seems a very quiet car. Its supposed to have double glazed windows (I read somewhere) and B&O Active Noise Reduction. Very pleased with it so far despite the above!